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    I am seeking to bring balance to what was shared with me years ago and the recent knowledge I have acquired. I am highly appreciative of any and all information, insight and general comment in this quest.

    In the dawning months of the 21st century it was my distinct pleasure to make acquaintance with a Mr. Jim Russell-Redman. He had related to me that he was a sapper with the 88th Road Construction Company, Royal Engineers. He believed it was part of the 23 Airfield Construction Group providing airfields for Typhoons as they moved inland from the Normandy coast.

    Accompanying details were that they had come ashore at Arromanches sometime in late June or early July 1944 he believed. They then moved their way up the French and Belgian coasts to Bergen-Op-Zoom and on to Nijmegen.

    This brings me to my query, which came about through reading the June 1944 War Diary of the 23 Airfield Construction Group. It states the 88th Rd. Construction Coy. disembarked June 7 and headquartered at Gray sur Mer. Did all the 88th Company personnel arrive together or did some arrive later?

    Thank you kindly for any enlightening contributions.

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