854835 Sgt Ronald BUCHANAN, 53 Field Regiment RA: DOW 07/01/1944

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    hello I have recently discovered my great uncle was killed during WW2 January 7th 1944 to be exact !
    according to CWGC he is buried in SANGRO RIVER WAR CEMETERY Italy.
    I have a photo of his gravestone!
    he was a member of the 53rd Field Regiment of the Royal Artillery !
    from what I have read I believe he was involved in the Battle of Monte Cassino , although I have not been able to confirm that !
    any advice or help would be greatly apprciated !

    Casualty Details | CWGC
  2. Tony56

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    Casualty list and casualty card confirms that he died of wounds. If you really want to learn about his military service his service records are the way to go:
    Get a copy of military service records

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    Hello Elinga, and welcome to the forum.

    You might have a very long wait for your great uncle's service records and in the meantime here's some information to be going along with.

    53 Field Regiment was attached to 8 Indian Division which advanced up the east coast of Italy towards the Gustav Line. You can read about the advance in https://www.ibiblio.org/britishraj/Tiger3/chapter02.html.

    The Commonwealth War Graves Commission's website has a copy of your great uncle's concentration form which I have posted below.. This shows when he was brought into the Sangro River War Cemetery. Another man from his unit died on the same day, possibly in the same incident.

    Best wishes,


    Buchanan concentration form.JPG
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    Welcome aboard. There are previous threads on the 53rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.
    This website helps with a general overview: British Artillery in World War 2 and lists in brief where the 53rd were: British Artillery Regiments

    One of those threads has this:
    From: Re 53rd Royal Artillery (210 Battery) MEF

    It appears looking at half the threads (196 have 53rd in) found it maybe better to search with Bolton than 53rd (185) or go via Google

    This is a report on some of the battles they fought in, it is from a tour guide aka Sheldrake who was last here yesterday who has a link to their successor unit: http://www.theobservationpost.com/blog/?LMCL=CTqIV_&p=1348

    This looks of value: 1452295 William VALLANCE, 53 Field Regiment, RA: Information A shorter Bolton remembers: Bolton Wanderers Go to War..... - RA Association and Jackie Roberts

    It depends of course how much you want to know, just one battle or campaign for an example. Good luck.
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  5. elinga

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    thank you all very much for your help , you have shone some light on where/what it was all about.
    thankx again !

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