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    835 Heavy Recovery Section get a couple of mention's in the Baxter 1989 HMSO publication "Recovery - A history of Recovery Vehicles in the British Army".

    They seem to have been part of 21st army in Normandy and then involved in the recovery of German vehicles in NW Europe 1945. They must have been involved in the recovery of vehicles for evaluation at Chertsey.

    There is a grainy photo in the book of the members of the section on a comandeered StuG assault gun that had been converted into an ARV.

    Can any members shed further light on the unit and are there any resources etc. out there for further researching the unit?

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    Here's three war diary ref's at TNA

    WO 171/2937 835 Heavy Recovery Section 1944 Jan-Dec
    WO 171/7126 835 Heavy Recovery Section 1945 Jan-Oct
    WO 171/10288 835 Heavy Recovery Section 1946 Jan-Feb
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    According to the 30 Corps District Location Statement dated 19 Jun 45:

    835 Heavy Recovery Section REME were in Loxstedt-Stinstedt south-west of Bremerhaven, then to 8 Armd Bde who were responsible for the City of Hannover on 25 Aug 45, have no other detail to offer except that the brigade was disbanded Mar 46

    Best of luck with your research

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