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    Hello there,

    Roodymiller recommended this forum. I'm quite new here.. So, don't know what to expect. Anyway, I've always been interested in the history of the 6th Airborne Division and therefore also trying to know more about this division. Recently, I've decided to focuss on the 8th Parachute Battalion. Although this unit was dropped further forward than any other unit within the division and then also was in the Bois de Bavent fighting a battle away from the other units, it seems the military historians have overlooked it a bit. I was wondering if amongst the members of this forum might be any one with ties to this unit. Family? Friends? If so, I would like to get in touch with them. We might be able to help each other.

    Looking forward to hear from you,

    Yours C.
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    Hope the members can help with your research.
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    Thank you all,

    I'm at the moment still cruising on the forum, it's all awe-inspiring, ... I always thought I was the only nutter on the world... but it seems there's quite a lot of them here... so, my fingers have itched ... But, I will wait a bit more... Just a few more questions for the moment.. also relating 8th Parachute Bn. .. are there any amongst you with a good knowledge and interest in 21st Panzer Division or 346 German infantry Division or with a good knowledge of German archives? These were the two main enemy forces in Normandy for 8th Para Bn. Just wondering...

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    ROH for 8 Para para1
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    Just wondered if you are still researching the 8th Parachute Battalion; found out recently that my grandad was in this battalion and I wanted to find out more information too. Thanks
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    What was or hopefully is your grandads name? I’m friends with an 8th Bn veteran.

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    Hi Alex,

    Unfortunately my grandad has passed away. His name was Kenneth Blackhall. I have got a photo, but I just need to get my nans permission before I post anything.
    I have attached a photo of 3 of his friends.


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    Thanks very much!
    When you post the pic of your grandad I’ll show it to my 8th battalion friend.
    Did he ever write about any of his experiences?


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