7th South Staffordshire: What happened after June 1944?

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    Hello, I am trying to trace what my father's steps from his landing at Arromanches on June 17th (I think) up to 1945/46 when he arrived to Berlin and was then sent to Nuremberg. He was in the 7th South Staffordshire Regiment.
    His name was Douglas Bayley Newton, born 17/03/1922 in Pleck (Staff). I cannot find any of his records, he was .
    He never wanted to talk about what happened next on the way to Berlin.
    There is a picture of him standing behind Field Marshal Montgomery, taken in Berlin 1945 (as far as I know), I have a few pictures of him in Berlin including at the Reich Chancellery.
    Thank you!

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    Hi Isabelle,

    7th South Staffs were part of 176th Infantry Brigade in 59th Infantry Division and were disbanded in mid-August 1944 after suffering heavy casualties in the fighting in Normandy in July and the first fortnight of August 1944.

    As an illustration of the tough time they had in Normandy, this is from the battalion war diary (WO171/1379):

    26 August 1944
    Unit placed in state of “suspended animation”.

    Total casualties sustained by unit during operations in FRANCE.
    Killed 7 Offrs 74 ORs
    Wounded 13 Offrs 223 ORs
    Missing Nil 8 ORs

    In effect these casualties were sustained during the period from 8 July to 9 August 1944.


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    Hi Tony, thank you very much. These diaries are fascinating, I think I'm going to spend some time browsing the National Archives...
    I didn't realise what mine of information they were.
    So many things to read. I should have quizzed dad a bit more.. :)

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