7th Burma Rifles and Lt. Colonel Eugene McCarthy

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    Below is a link to to a personal memoir written by Lt. Col. Eugene McCarthy that may interest you. https://www.wikitree.com/photo.php/2/24/McCarthy-2111.pdf
    The source is a magazine called “Durbar” by an organisation called “INDIAN MILITARY HISTORICAL SOCIETY”. This article from Volume 30, No. 2, Summer 2013.
    The 7th Burma Rifles was a formation of Burma Army Command during 1940 to 1945.
    It took part in the battle for Moulmein in 1942, as a battalion in the 1st Burma Division and later in the retreat to India.
    Lt. Col. McCarthy raised the battalion from members of the Burma Police and led the battalion until demobilized in 1942.
    Further, those with an interest in British Burma may also find interesting his observations and participation as a Burma Military Police battalion commander in the Saya San rebellion of 1930 / 1931 [ https://www.britannica.com/biography/Saya-San].
    Readers with an interest in the 7th Burma Rifles could also assess Seve Rothwell's WO 172/979
    Anyone's commentary on Burma Command during 1938 -1941, the Burma Rifles and links to personal memoirs would be appreciated.
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    Vivian Rodrigues [Perth, Western Australia]
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    Thank you - this is a great find. It provides some excellent insights, as you suggest, into pre-war colonial rule of Burma; the Burma Regimental Centre and post-war training for the Burma Army.

    As we have discussed previously offline, I would like to observe for the benefit of other readers, that the memoir has a photo (p106) of a group of Officers and GCOs, captioned as personnel of the Burma Regimental Centre post WW2. The photo is also found in the privately published history of the 7th (Police) Battalion, The Burma Rifles, written by McCarthy himself, and in that history it is captioned: "Officers of the 7th Burma (Police) Bn., The Burma Rifles." In McCarthy's history the photo also includes the names of the men; given the known biographies of some of these men, and the ranks held as captioned in the photo, the photo was almost certainly taken between November 1940 and the outbreak of war with Japan. Please see below or: 7th Burma Rifles


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