7th Battalion Duke of Wellington West Riding 1944

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    I hope I am posting in the correct area, my apologies if not. I am researching my husbands father who was in the 7th Duke Of Wellington West Riding. He was wounded on 16th November 1944 but it doesn't say where although it looks as if he was only in action since 30th October 1944. I have searched but can not find anything for this period of time as to where in Western Europe they were. Also I am a little confused that he would have been 20 years old at this time which seems very late for call up.

    I have gained this information from forces-war-records and hope I have understood it correctly. It states date of Action: 30/10/1944 Incident Date: 16/11/1944. Does this mean this would have been the first action that he was involved in?

    It would be lovely if I could find out which area he was in when wounded so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    He probably was on The Island, the low lying polderland between the Neder-Rijn at Arnhem and the Waal at Nijmegen.
    I do not have the War Diary, but this will give the location where the battalion was at the time.
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    Don't bother with FWR.
    Apply to the MoD for service records.
    If you post his name & number up here the members can help you out with further info.
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    Here are two pages from the Regimental History by Barclay that cover the period. 7thDWR01.jpg 7thDWR02.jpg
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    Dryan67 - Upon reading the fragment, on 16 November 1944 the battalion probably was somewhere in between the actions at Willemstad/Moerdijk (clearing the enemy bridgehead at Moerdijk, which fell on on Nov 9th) and The Island (recce parties enter The Island on Nov 31st).

    Map of the operations of the West Riding Division in SW Holland (Sept - Nov 1944):

    Map Courtesy: WO II: Bevrijding | Canon van Moerdijk
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    War Diary for November 1944

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    War Diary for 29/30 October. It makes it much more likely that he was wounded during this action

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    A report about the fighting at that time

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