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    Hi rdtibbi and welcome.

    It is rare to find a copy of an MID citation for British in our National Archives. Maybe the Canadian Archives were better at keeping them. Have you tried there?

    Cheers - Rob
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    A check of my reference for Canadian Awards shows just the information on when it was gazetted:

    TIBBITS, Earl Addington, Gunner (G.4344) - Mention in Despatches - RCA - awarded as per Canada Gazette dated 6 January 1945 and CARO/5255 dated 10 January 1945.

    That's pretty typical for MiDs. I'd try the history mentioned in #8 in this thread (probably tough to track down), after which you'd have to get into unit documents and get a bit lucky to find more. That would be War Diaries or other surviving unit documentation in Ottawa . Possibly at the RCA Museum in Shilo, though that's a bit of a guess.
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    I have access to a very good researcher based in Ottawa. If you want his contact info, please send me a PM.
    All credit to Klambie for rounding up the researcher.
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    Thanks Guys.. I've looked into the Canadian Archives but found nothing..

    I would like to have the contact info for you Ottawa researcher..

  5. 17thDYRCH

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    Thanks Guys.. I've looked into the Canadian Archives but found nothing..

    I would like to have the contact info for you Ottawa researcher..


    Private message sent.

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    Hi, 1st time on this forum, I wish I had found it years ago. My father was with the 104th ATbattery, 7 Rgt RCA, BSM James Turner Thompson. My father was killed on march 7th,1944 while directing unit traffic returning to a rest area. He was killed when a gun passing beside him detonated a mine which flipped over onto him. he was pronounced dead at the field hospital the same day of blast and crushing trama. If anyone reading these forums has any pictures or documents mentioning my Dad I would love to hear of them.
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    With Remembrance Day coming up.

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  8. Hello all. My father J. Orville Cochrane G7421 was with the 104th ATB. Most were from the Fredericton area, Dad joined late and was from the Moncton Area. He wrote his memories for us, so I have some interesting stories to share if anyone is interested. I have recently been incontact with James Turner Tompson's son Richard and I look forward to anyone else willing to share. I also have some pictures from their time in England etc. I am recently interested in Dads memories and look forward to hearing from any family members of the boys of the 104th.
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    My Father, James Turner Thompson # G5015 , BSM 104th AT , 7th RCA killed March 7, 1944.( have learned he as the 1st fatality in the unit) I have a document showing he was mentioned in dispatches, but his ribbon does not have the "cluster" acknowledging the honour. Can anyone advise how I would go about securing this addition to his medals, I think he well earned it. Thank u in advance for any help forthcoming.

    James Richard at Thompson , email. nbguy65@yahoo.ca
  10. I have formed a Facebook site devoted to the members of the 104th Anti Tank Battery formed in July of 1940 out of Fredericton NB. I invite any family members who have photos, letters, memoirs of one of the 104th members to check it out and add to it. Any inquiries send to elspeth.leger@bellaliant.net


    Check it out!

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