78th British Infantry Division - "The Battleaxe Div"

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    No idea whether this is common press picture or a private photograph, but it is labelled 78th Battleaxe Infantry Division: Royal Artillery & Support Units.

    78th Battleaxe Infantry Division Royal Artillery & Support Units .jpg
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    And this from 6RWK War Diary for February 1944--rather fun.

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    I'm a "day ahead" where I am currently but just wanted to re-highlight the disturbances that took place in Cairo 75 years ago during August 1944.. certainly not the 78th Division's most glorious episode it is fair to say but I wasn't there...

    My father was in camp at Sidi Bishr, not in Cairo that night, honest guv !!....

    "Men were given seven days leave in Cairo. The brigade’s first leave party returned to camp and told how they had been ‘rooked’ by their hosts. The second contingent decided to do something and a well-organised riot was arranged with considerable damage to vehicles and installations. There were many arrests but not of a single London Irishmen. Colonel Bredin had the battalion paraded upon their return from Cairo and officially congratulated them on staying clear of trouble..."

    FullSizeRender_1 (3).jpg

    Excerpt from Quis Separabit, July 1945
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    Now which Bredin is this? I always get confused.

    There was H.E.N. 'Bala' Bredin and A.E.C. 'Speedy' Bredin.

    Were they brothers?

    Edit: your text is the latter. Went on to command Gurkhas in Malaya and become a Brigadier. Reached a ripe old age.
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