77 Assault Regiment Vehicle Names

Discussion in 'Royal Engineers' started by KevinT, Oct 21, 2016.

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    The attached listing was kindly sent to me by a serving member of 32 Engineer Regiment. The last regiment of the original 79th Armoured Division who still wear the Bulls head.

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    Kevin, forgive the dual post, but I answered on another thread about Sgt.Eddie Myhill.

    Michel Sabarly has sent me an e-mail regarding this as some time ago, I posted that I thought the well known picture of La Breche d'Hermanville crossroads on D-Day, which shows an AVRE, was my dad George's tank.

    I read the above post and it appeared to be '2B'. I have always had a funny feeling that it was my dad's tank - I know the photograph well and have been to that spot several times and sworn that I was right. Your post - and my thanks to your Sergeant in 32 Engineer - proves it.

    In addition, I came across a newsreel which appears to show the same tank, I only got a fleeting glance at the time as it was on someone else's computer. Now I've tracked it down on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHRA-FH_S70
    at about a minute in. It zooms in to a face which I swear is my dad - he's in the right place, in the gunner/mortarman's seat in the right of the turret, peering out and not wearing a helmet, but a beret, as he was too tall at 6'1 or 2 and only wore the helmet when absolutely necessary.

    Does anyone recognise the newsreel? Would people agree that this is the same tank?

    My thanks to MIchel who continues to find mentions of my dad and e-mail me, which delights me and all of my brothers as we're very proud of what he did.


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