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    I wondered if anyone has access to some pages of the 76th Field Regiments War Diaries covering the period of Marshalling, Embarkation, Landing and initial positional location for the Normandy landings.

    The period would probably cover from late May to say mid June1944.

    There are 2 reasons for the request:

    1) It has been suggested that the 76th may have occupied the area subsequently shared/taken over by the 65th Medium Regiment following their arrival on 6-8th June and i would like to view any details if this can be confirmed.

    2) I have a memoir (written in 1984) of a friend of my late aunts that includes his time and exploits in the 76th Regt throughout the war.

    Hope someone can help.

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    Regiment arrived 0740 6th June 1944
    Regt FOO Capt. J. Daniel killed when LCP sunk.
    302 bty had some difficulty landing the guns (M7 Priests) due to damage to both LCTs.
    In support of 8th Bde and 6th Airborne Div.
    Assault Division was written by an artillery officer from 3rd Div. (76th (H) Field Regt)
    Can you share the memoir?

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    Thanks for the info. My main objective in looking into the 76th is to track my fathers location(s) in the 65th Med.They landed on the 8th June and set up the unit between Colleville and the coast road. It was suggested by a forum member that the 76th had occupied the area before the 65th arrived and i was looking via this thread for confirmation through the 76ths war diaries.

    The memoir has only just come into my hands and i would have to analyse it's content and extract any relevant information (if any) for the forum. This will take some time and would need to clear with his family,but if i get the opportunity i will look to put it out in the future

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