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    I am just looking at Dad's ww2 records. Most of the war was with the Royal Artillery in North Africa and then Italy (8th Army).

    On 15th April 1945, he was assigned as a driver to 769(GT)Coy RASC with Central Mediterranean Force (CMF), presumably still in Italy (or perhaps Greece - but records indicate that he was there between Oct44 and Dec44).

    Can anyone shed any light on where 769 Coy might have been, please?


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    I have looked through the 3 Corps Order of Battle and there is no mention of 769 GT Coy RASC, so that suggests that this unit wasn't in Greece between the dates you mention.

    If you post a pic of your fathers service record, others might see something that could help.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks Gus,

    Extracts from the records relating to the relevant period attached.



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    769 GT Coy has a diary at Kew for April - December 1945. WO 170/5849
    It should, if you are reasonably lucky, give you a pretty good indication of what the unit was doing, where it was operating and if it has details of other units, which in the absence of a specific diary, may give an opportunity to explore further and from those unit diaries, get an idea of what may have been going on with the unit prior to April 45.

    Out of interest, what were the Royal Artillery units that he was in prior to this.
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    Thanks Hutt,

    That's good to know. I have the war diary for 585 Coy RASC, which he joined, once returned to UK.

    Royal Artillery units were 200HAA, then 65LAA,34LAA, 42LAA and 66LAA.


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    I have a number of LAA and HAA diaries for batteries and regiments in 22nd AA Brigade while in North Africa as part of Operation Torch through to the fall of Tunisia but not the units you give above (unfortunately) although I have 2 mentions in another diary for August 1940 and February 1941 for 42LAA while they were still in the UK, one of which suggest they were at Slough.
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    Hi Gordon.

    66 LAA were in Greece in the General Transport Role (ie. no AA Guns just trucks) from October 1944.

    PM me your email and I will email you the diaries.

    Greece in December 1944 and January 1945 was horrible place to be for a truck driver. They had a higher casualty rate than the Paras. Definitely the unsung heroes.

    My Dad was there too. A driver in the REME.


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    Hi Hutt

    He joined 227 AA Regiment for driver training in Nov 1940. Then was briefly attached to 68HAA at Southend, where they embarked for Cape Town in Feb 1941. The ship was hit by torpedoes and had to put into Greenock for repairs, before continuing. So never went to Slough, I'm afraid.

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    Thanks Gus
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    Hi Gordon

    The diaries are on their way.

    When you get them, I'd recommend you remove your email address from the post (use edit).

    And next time use the conversation tool (see inbox) as its a little more secure.


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