7618616 Sgt Claude I Caddick. Killed 5 April 1942, Egypt.

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    Dear All, I am researching My Great Uncle Sgt Claude I Caddick. Killed 5 April 1942, Egypt.
    Was a Storeman, RAOC No 9 BAD. Presumed accidentally Killed.
    Does anyone have the War Diaries WO 169/2343 WO 169/546 or WO 169/6197 please...
    Any help, would be much appreciated. Thank you
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    Welcome aboard this fascinating, helpful website. Your post refers to No.3 Base Ammunition Depot in Egypt and your great uncle's death. A moderator has moved your post to a better place.

    I see the CWGC records show seven other RAOC staff died that day and suspect 'Coll. Grave' means a collective grave, possibly as so little remains of them were found. Others here know far more.
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    Serjeant Claude Ivor Caddick | War Casualty Details | CWGC


    As you say probably the War Diary is your best bet for an answer to this incident/accident
    Royal Army Ordnance Corps: 9 Base Ammunition Depot (RAOC BAD) | The National Archives
    Reference: WO 169/6197
    Royal Army Ordnance Corps: 9 Base Ammunition Depot (RAOC BAD)
    Date: 1942 Jan.- Dec

    Possible cause:
    Mediterranean Fleet, Admiralty War Diary 1942
    Sunday, 5th April 1942
    7. At Port Said an explosion in an ammunition lighter at 1030/5 caused some military and about 100 Egyptian casualties
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    Not the only such mishap @ Port Said:
    From the description of photos: Collection: BERRILL A W (SERGEANT)
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    This is great..Thank you. Am sure this explosion is the cause of death. I'd not thought to look in the Mediterranean fleet war diaries..This is my Great Uncle Claude RIP Claud Ivor Caddick.jpg Fascinating...Thank you so much.
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