75th Anniversary of Operation Longcloth (Chindit 1)

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    Today is the 75th Anniversary of the beginning of the Operation Longcloth. On the 15th February 1943, the men of the 77th Indian Infantry Brigade, led by Brigadier Wingate, began their crossing of the Chindwin River, which took them behind Japanese lines in Burma.

    In recognition of this, the Chindit Society is recording the expedition on its website pages, in the form of a week by week diary along with some photographs and maps. Please click on the following link to access the diary: thechinditsociety.org.uk/operation-longcloth

    Shown below, is a photograph of 5 Column, as they prepared to cross the Chindwin at a place called Hwematte:

    1. Hwematte 2 copy.jpg
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    Great stuff, thanks for the link to it.

    That picture of the bearded and jovial Bernard Fergusson really doesn't reflect his peacetime demeanor: ramrod-straight and monacled in at least a couple of photographs I have seen!

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