75th Anniversary – Bombing of Rome, Italy on July 19, 1943

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    Today (Thursday July 19, 2018) is the 75th anniversary of the first American Flying Fortresses along with other Allied Forces that bombed the city of Rome, Italy (97th Bomb Group Mission #144), which occurred in 1943 and is found on pages 924 through 938 in the book referenced below (simply copy and paste the following link into your web browser's URL):

  2. Lindele

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    Sorry Rick,

    but my PC is playing stroppy, or it is me doing something wrong.
    Could you post a PDF?

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    Hi Stefan,

    This link is to the PDF version of my book about my father's life primarily focused around his flying career that I just finished writing. Click on "download" then select the "Save as" option and choose where on your PC you would like to save the file. The name of the file (book) is "The Amazing Story of Another Real American Hero - Colonel Rudy Flack - Main Book - 071918.pdf". The file size is 216,855 KB, which is too large to post on the Forum website.

    Please let me know if this works. If not, please call me on my cell at 206-669-5229 and I will try to walk you through it over the phone. Thanks, Rick.

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