75mm Sherman Vs Tiger

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    Thanks "m kenny" - I was wondering about that. It's been something I have seen recently discussed again: i.e. in

    "Normandy ‘44: D-Day and the Battle for France"
    By James Holland

    Normandy ‘44

    Where variously it is talking about the 75mm (and Dring) (first instances) and 3rd instance "Sergeant Dring managed to push forwards with his Firefly" - so I have been surprised / confused several times by the variety of the information.

    Since this is during the bit of the SRY prior to August 1944 (when some troops of the 24th L joined them) it's not part of their (SRY) story I have really, as yet, looked a very great deal into.


    (Edit - Rm - ruminating ;-) Potentially I suppose an "early" Akilla might have been a 75mm and a later so named one been a Firefly)

    Some more info here etc. (again though, I suppose a hasty reading of these details etc. might be found potentially quite confusing) : Tank Action
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    I am can not give any more information on this at the moment but you should have stuck to your guns. I withdraw my previous analysis and concede I was wrong, Completely wrong.
    4 Tigers it was.
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  3. Chris C

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    Well, there's a point at which I feel it's better to not keep arguing the point, particularly when I was speaking as someone with a relative lack of knowledge on the subject.
  4. m kenny

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    I had to correct my error because of new information that completely changes the picture. The smug smart-arse has to eat his words!
  5. Chris C

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    Well, when you are able to share it please do as it would be interesting to learn more!
  6. Dave55

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    I didn't feel you were being smug at all.

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