72nd (Polish) Mechanical Transport Light Repair Unit, 1944-45

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    Recently I received the military files of a Polish soldier in the RAF who stayed in Fort2 near Antwerp with the above unit.

    I already discovered that the unit had a few casualties in Antwerp due to V1 and/or accidents.

    I was wondering if anybody could help me a little further in my research, as I don't seem to find any archival material of this unit.

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    What was the Polish soldier's name?
  3. vestingjager

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    Waclaw Rudak
  4. CL1

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    You might be interested to know that 72 (P) MTLRU was still in existence on 1 Nov 1946. It was still under operational command of 84 Group and was based at Quakenbruck, Germany (since at least Apr 1946). I found it listed in some BAFO Location Statements. It had disappeared from the Dec 46 one, so presumably was disbanded about this time.

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    That is indeed consistend with the info on the military file, he was send home in december 1946.

  7. WaltS

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    Hi all
    New here.
    Q for Niko, still looking for 72 Mtlru info?
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    welcome Walt

    have sent a message to niko re your question

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    Hello Walt!

    Welcome and yes, I am still very much looking!


    clive: thank you for the message
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    Good Morning
    ( well here at least)

    I was amazed at how the earlier comment about the 72d losing men to "rockets and accidents" could come home to one soldier in this house.

    12/16/44 Edward Stachelski 706349
    disagreed with his compatriots decision to " look for a nice cafe" and instead went alone to see a movie
    Yes. The Plainsman at the Rex !
    (Re interment in Lommel)

    6/11/46. 2 Lt Bronislaw Reder P3019/706043 lost control of his vehicle near Ahlhorn Germany, injuries were fatal.
    (Buried in Catholic Cemetery, Cloppenburg)
    My Dad was rather emphatic about the decision not to go to the movies on that December day and was part of the recovery crew for Lt Reders accident
    ( I have photos of his overturned vehicle and funeral procession)

    I'm curious about Tadeusz Postek 707373, suicide, Lille France 7/11/44
    Age 18, considering what went through their minds during quiet time run the gamut from silent rage to in this case, suicide.

    The backstory of all these men is rather amazing considering an escape to France ( the long way) in '39 or as in my Dads case, a little vacation in Siberia and a rehire by General Anders.

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    This is great information!

    Do you have any additional information of the stay of the unit in and around Antwerp (especially Fort2) in the winter of 1944-45?

    I sent a request for war diaries to the Sikorski Institute a couple of months ago, without any reply.

    Also, I am searching for any pictures of the unit during this period, can you help me any further?

    Was you father with the unit in 44-45? Would be great if you have any personal information as well....

    We have 1 (one) picture of members of the unit, taken at the fort, that's all....

    thumbnail_65 Fort 2 Poolse soldaten.jpg

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  12. WaltS

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    Can't figure how to send pics just yet.
    Designation of "Fort 2" is new to me.
    Was with unit til dissolution, afterwards was with a team loading German ordnance on barges that were sunk in open water. Celle, Gelsemkirchen, Osnabruck and of course Quakenbruck

    Couldn't edit in time
    Celle, Gelsenkirchen,Osnabruck and Quackenbruck (home) are oft mentioned in 72d
  13. vestingjager

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    Fort2 was one of the brick forts of the Antwerp fortress ring. From 1918 on it was used by the Belgian Army as a big garage.

    The German Luftwaffe used it for the same purpose, and later the British army and Air Force.

    See the link to my site underneath my signature.
  14. vestingjager

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    ello everybody,

    I was wondering if anybody is able to access the Sikorski Institute Archives.

    I tried to contact them via mail, facebook and letter, asking information and possible exisiting records of the 72nd (Polish) Mechanical Transport Light Repair Unit, 1944-45, but all to no avail. As I am currently unable to travel to London, I was wondering if anybody coulkd help me out here?

    Thanks in advance,
  15. CL1

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    Hello Niko

    I have just called them on your behalf and they suggested you write again stating your requirements to the address below.

    The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum
    20 Princes Gate
    SW7 1 PT

    PISM Home Page
    They do not use email.
    The research fee is £25 for 2 hours search.
    They did say that the current waiting period is 5 to 6 months.

  16. vestingjager

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    Thank you Clive.

    I am aware of the fees, so that's no problem.

    I mailed them via facebook, I should have mentioned that.
  17. CL1

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    They dont use email or answer face book
    Writing in is the only way.


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