716 (Airborne) Light Composite Company, RASC: Far East 1945-46

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    I would like to confirm if any of the following gents were serving with 716 (Airborne) Light Composite Company RASC, during 1945-46:

    • CSM Pinkney
    • Cpls: Marren, Brown, Harthill, Lucking, Tolley
    • L/Cpls: Scott, Webster, Roberts
    • Dvrs: Moden, Jones, Rigwell, Valentine, Burlingham, McDowell, Parkins, Webster, Petzing, Hills, Bradley, Shaw, McArthy
    • Pte Webster
    If these gents were with 716 Coy, then they were members of No.1 or No.2 Parachute Platoons, which were posted out to the Far East during that period. Certainly, of the above mentioned men, CSM Pinkney and Dvr McDowell were qualified parachutists.

    Perhaps parachute training records may be able to shed some light? or war diaries?

    Any help shall be appreciated!
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    Please see the attached Medal Roll - GSM 'South East Asia' Clasp 1945-46:
    • Sjt AE Petzing
    • Cpls EC Parkins and DN Tolley.
    • Dvrs RLH Burlingham and J Valentine
    All were attached to 225 Para Field Ambulance RASC.



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    Thank you very much indeed Bruneval!

    Would I be correct in assuming that the other names came up 'blank' in a search of the medal rolls?

    If anyone has information on the size and composition of RASC contingents attached to Parachute/Airborne Field Ambulance units, in 1945-46, this would be greatly appreciated. I would like to find out if all of the gents listed above were likely attached to 225 Para Fd Amb.
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    Go to the Trux section for Airborne Forces, enter the Airborne Services page and scroll down to the major headings of Airborne RASC and Airborne Divisional Medical Units. There are no parachute platoons listed for a Light Composite Company RASC which may be due to the fact it is based on 1943 War Establishment so out of date. Whereas a Light Company RASC had 3 parachute platoons according to the 1944 WE.

    I suspect the men on the the Medal Roll above, some of whom were drivers, actually belonged to the 225th PFA and weren't part of the 716 (Airborne) Light Composite Company RASC? As we know the only sub-units of the 716th that ended up in S.E. Asia were the two parachute platoons attached to the 5th Parachute Brigade.

    Regards ...
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    I have now found some info on the War Establishment of a Parachute Field Ambulance as at June 1945. See...


    The June 1945 War Establishment for a Parachute Field Ambulance included 1 officer and 51 other ranks on attachment from the RASC. This would officially have been the WE when 5th Parachute Brigade departed for India in July 1945 (and subsequently Malaya and Java/Indonesia).
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    There was only a detachment from 716 attached to the 5 Airborne Brigade and they got not war diary of their own. A quick glance in the diary of 225 on Java do not mention anything about the sergeant, corporals or privates.
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  7. Pember

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    Would you by any chance be able to share war diary for 225 Fd Amb on Java?

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