70th Anniversary of Dieppe Raid

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  1. Scout Sniper

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    :poppy:August 19th 2012 will be the 70th Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid.:poppy:

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  2. TTH

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    That should be commemorated very solemnly indeed, and I hope Canada has plans to do so. I still get angry when I read about Dieppe.
  3. canuck

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    That should be commemorated very solemnly indeed, and I hope Canada has plans to do so. I still get angry when I read about Dieppe.

    It is commemorated but not to the degree that it should be. I take my lead from the men who were there and not one, that I have met, shed a tear when Mountbatten met an early end. Still a controversial subject.
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  5. STAN50

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    Lt. Colonel Gordon Howard McTavish had a poem dedicated to him by his sister. It makes poignant reading. You need to read it then re read it to realise the how powerful the message is here.

    The actual doll house incident occurred about 1915 when his little sister Mona was seven.

    In civilain life Lt. Col. McTavish was a professional engineer and he was aged in his late forties when he died at Dieppe. Many senior Officers died at the Dieppe landings and others were taken POW.

    He is commemorated at Brookwood Military Cemetery Surrey U.K on Panel 23 Column 2 of the Canadian Memorial.

    Archive material:

    Speech - Veterans Affairs Canada

    Speech - Veterans Affairs Canada

    Veterans Affairs Canada Virtual War Memorial:

    Search Details - Veterans Affairs Canada

    Photo Collection - Veterans Affairs Canada

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  7. La-de-da-Gunner Graham

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    In memory of all those who fell at Dieppe.


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  8. TTH

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    Let us all bare our heads in memory of this.
  9. TTH

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  10. canuck

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    The French have the right spirit. People of Dieppe welcome Canadian veterans with open arms - Hamilton

    I had the pleasure of being in Dieppe for the 65th anniversary and in the company of two veterans from that raid, Tom Baker of the Calgary Tanks and Ron Reynolds of the Royal Regiment of Canada. While there were some French people in attendance at the ceremonies, the numbers were not large and I must say that I found most to be aloof and completely disinterested.
  11. Wills

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    On this day over Dieppe a friends father - the CO of 64 Sqn RAF was shot down and later rescued. The then Sqn Ldr Duncan Smith - who went onto to become Grp Cpt Duncan Smith DSO* DFC. (Son a cabinet minister UK)
  12. RCG

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    Don't know if this has been on before but,

    'Dieppe Uncovered' is on at 9.00pm on Sunday 19th August on Yesterday

    In 1942, Allied forces mounted a disastrous attack on the French port of Dieppe. Now the truth behind the ill-fated raid and the role played by author Ian Fleming is revealed.

    Repeated at 7.40am on Monday 20th August on Yesterday
  13. sapper

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    Bit of a puzzle... MY Company 246 Field RE at the time of Dieppe, sailed across the channel, up the French coast, and home again. I certainly was not with them at that time. But it is of interest. I have only seen one report about this escapade and that was years ago...This ttok place long before my time...,
  14. gpo son

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    there is no doubt that Dieppe was a disaster from the is inception; however, Historian David Okeefe is releasing Docu/movie in Dieppe this evening [0th annaversary] in it he tells us that Dieppe raid was in part a deception mounted to steal code books and Enigma machine from German Naval HQ quartered in Dieppe. In any case I wait with anticipation on his findings. here is a link to a montreal Gazette story from earlier in the week. I dont believe this is about mitigation or rationalization for the debacle but more about reconcilling the history for its planning. Documentary puts the ghosts of Dieppe to rest
  15. La-de-da-Gunner Graham

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    The remains of Hess Battery, successfully destroyed by No. 4 Commando.


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  16. Ron Goldstein

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    I think it worth mentioning another VC that "never was":

    Following on Gerry's excellent summary of the Dieppe raid I must mention a series of coincidences that have led me to make this posting.

    On Sept 6th I shall be attending my old boy's club reunion and, as always, the table talk will get around to former members who are no longer here to join in our talk of WW2. At my particular table, because we have several vets there, Jack Nissenthal's name is invariably brought to mind.

    I was recently interviewed, about the club, on spitalfieldslife.com and the interviewer known only by his pseudonym of "The Gentle Author" was intrigued by the story of Jack Nissenthal, a former club boy, who was taken to Dieppe to find out about German radar accompanied by a special troop who had instructions to kill him rather than allow him to be taken prisoner. He also placed a link on his Blog so that others might read the story.

    A well known authority on Jack's history is Martin Sugarman and his newly published book "Fighting Back" contains a full chapter on Jack's exploits.

    I've also just been to Wikipedia and on the pages relating to Dieppe found this item:
    Dieppe Raid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I was amused to find that footnote No.10 took the reader to the BBC WW2 Archives to an article that I had previously posted myself on behalf of Martin Sugarman !

    The Wikipedia excerpt now follows:

    Pourville radar station

    Destroyed Landing craft on fire with Canadian dead on the beach. A concrete gun emplacement on the right covers the whole beach. The steep gradient can clearly be judged

    One of the objectives of the Dieppe Raid was to discover the importance and accuracy of a German radar station on the cliff-top to the east of the town of Pourville. To achieve this, RAF Flight Sergeant Jack Nissenthall, a radar specialist, was attached to the South Saskatchewan Regiment. He was to attempt to enter the radar station and learn its secrets, accompanied by a small unit of 11 men of the Saskatchewans as bodyguards. Nissenthall volunteered for the mission fully aware that, due to the highly sensitive nature of his knowledge of Allied radar technology, his Saskatchewan bodyguard unit were under orders to kill him if necessary to prevent him being captured. He also carried a cyanide pill as a last resort. Nissenthall and his bodyguards failed to enter the radar station due to strong defences, but Nissenthall was able to crawl up to the rear of the station under enemy fire and cut all telephone wires leading to it. This forced the crew inside to resort to radio transmissions to talk to their commanders, transmissions which were intercepted by listening posts on the south coast of England. The Allies were able to learn a great deal about the arrays of German radar stations along the channel coast thanks to this one simple act, which helped to convince Allied commanders of the importance of developing radar jamming technology. Of this small unit only Nissenthall and one other returned safely to England.[10][11].

    I can never read about Dieppe without thinking of this club boy who played such an important role and was never awarded the honour he so richly deserved

  17. canuck

    canuck Closed Account

    Bravery, skill and training counted for little on that morning 70 years ago. Over 900 Canadians were killed in a little over 5 hours. The cemetery in Dieppe reduced me to tears and brought home the full extent of the debacle. What a colossal waste.
  18. PZULBA

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    In the past few years, I've been a frequent visitor to Dieppe:

    Ignoring the political recriminations and yes I can follow some of the arguments, the one thing that has puzzled me about this raid is Why There?, surely it must have been obvious that a frontal assault across that beach was suicidal even if it was only lightly defended!!!

    Whenever I'm there,I come away wondering where the 'grit in my eye' came from!!!

    Those guys who went ashore that day (and those who supported them at sea and in the air) deserve the Utmost Respect

    I trust that today's commemorations go well

    PZULBA - Out of Africa (Retired)
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  19. La-de-da-Gunner Graham

    La-de-da-Gunner Graham Senior Member

    This shows the gradient at Pourville in the vicinity where the radar station was. (I believe.)


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  20. canuck

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    This shows the gradient at Pourville in the vicinity where the radar station was. (I believe.)


    Yes, that's Pourville. Puys was even worse.

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