70898 P/O Jack Royston HAMAR, 151 Sqdn, RAF: 24/07/1940, Battle of Britain

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    Pilot Officer (Pilot)HAMAR, JACK ROYSTON

    Service Number 70898
    Died 24/07/1940
    Aged 25
    151 Sqdn., Royal Air Force
    D F C
    Son of Arthur T. Hamer and Sarah A. Hamar, of Knighton.
    Location: Radnorshire, United Kingdom
    Number of casualties: 12
    Cemetery/memorial reference: Row K. Grave 9.

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    DFC decoration:
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    Sounds like a Radnorshire family that had strong links to the RFC/RAF...
    HAMAR, A J. Lieutenant. Died 08/04/1917.
    55th Sqdn. 9th Wing, Royal Flying Corps
    Son of Mr. W. Hamar, of Hillcrest, Knighton, Radnorshire.
    Buried at ST. PIERRE CEMETERY, AMIENS. Plot VI. Row A. Grave 8.
    Lt A J Hamar (WiA and DoW) & 2nd Lt J Myburgh (WiA, DoW on 10-Apl-17), 55 Sqn, DH4 Serial No A2160 - apparently hit by AA and brought down south-west of Amiens.
    One of the first three DH4’s lost, being the first operational losses of the new DH4, they occurred as the result of a daring raid on Château Hardenpont, which was the HQ of Crown Prince Rupprecht, near Mons, and thus some 80 km behind German lines. They were only attacked on the return leg after being aloft for one and a half hours. The combat occurred just north of Cambrai, when the 4 strong formation was attacked by 4-5 HA scouts (Js 11). A2140 '2' was actuallyforced to land on Epinoy aerodrome where its crew was captured (there are photos). A2160 had been hit by Flakzug 17.

    The day before, 55 Sqn had bombed Valencienes nearly 60 km on the German side and had been able to outrun the enemy scouts sent up to pursue them. Despite the losses, it demonstrated that the bombing DH4 was a promising addition to the RFC's armoury. More so when one considers that the Germans on the other hand were not prepared to prosecute daylight bombing on the BEF sector, except for some desultory attacks on battery positions just behind the front line.

    HAMAR, CLARENCE RICHARD. Cadet. Service Number 152564. Died 04/06/1918.
    School of Aerial Gunnery, Royal Air Force
    Son of William and Paulina Hamar, of Hill Crest, Radnorshire, Wales.
    Buried at BEAMSVILLE (MOUNT OSBORNE) CEMETERY, Ontario, Canada.Lot 1 Plot D Range 2. Died as a result of an aeroplane accident.

    HAMAR, JACK ROYSTON. Pilot Officer. Service No. 70898. Died 24/07/1940. Aged 25.
    151 Sqdn. Royal Air Force. Awards D F C
    Son of Arthur T. Hamer and Sarah A. Hamar, of Knighton.
    Buried at KNIGHTON CEMETERY, Radnorshire. Row K. Grave 9.
    After having graduated from school, Jack Hamar was employed in his family’s business. He loved motorcycle and car racing. In 1938 he joined the RAFVR, and posted to 151 Squadron, leaving for France in the spring of 1940 and scored four victories. On 17th May, 1940, 151 Sqdn landed at Abbeville in France to help the hard-pressed BEF squadrons and on this day Hamar probably destroyed a Ju87. 151 was withdrawn on the 22nd and, flying from Manston, escorted three Ensign transports to Merville. On the way back 151 attacked Ju87's dive-bombing St. Omer. Hamar destroyed one and probably a second. On 25th and 29th May he destroyed 2 Ju88's over Dunkirk. Hamar damaged a Me110 on 9th July and destroyed a Me109 on the 14th.
    He was killed on 24th July when he stalled when attempting an upward roll prior to landing in Hurricane P3316. He crashed inverted from 500 feet onto North Weald aerodrome. On July 24th, he and a few other pilots took off from North Weald in bad weather to identify an airplane over Felixstowe. The airplane was identified as friendly. On the return flight to base, as a result of a manoeuvre, Hamar’s airplane got into a stall and crashed, fatally injuring him. He was buried at Kingston’s cemetery.

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