7022569 Rfn Kenneth George Albert JONES, 1st London Irish Rifles: 08/02/1944

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    I recently acquired a book called "The London Irish at War" which I presume a lot of you would be familiar with. But inside the book I discovered a selection of documents from the war office, written to the mother of a soldier killed in Anzio in Feb 1944. As far as I can see, he had 2 sisters, no brothers. How can I get more information about him? and / or his family? Any help appreciated.

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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

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    If you posted his name and service details plus the name and address of his mother (blocked out in the War Office letter) then members may be able to turn something up for you via Ancestry and or FMP.

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    CWGC list of all Royal Ulster Rifles killed in Italy 8th Feb 1944

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    Thanks for all the replies, I wasn't sure if I should post all the details.. His name is Kenneth G A Jones, born 07/03/1923, died 08/02/1944, no 7022569 rifleman, Royal Ulster Rifles. Son of Archie T and Daisy A Jones. 2 sisters Brenda and Joyce. From some research which I have done, I think his mother's name was Mulcahy. Also, Brenda M Jones born St. George Hanover Square, London, England 1932 and Joyce M Jones born in Cheltenham in 1921 are probably his sisters. All war office communication was sent to Mrs D Jones, 48 Cambridge St, Pimlico, London S.W.1.. That's all I have at present.
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    I've edited the thread title.
    Here's his cwgc entry.

    Ask bexley84 for help . London Irish is his speciality.
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    As mentioned, definitely apply for the service records.

    I suppose the 702... army number suggests that Rifleman Jones joined up when he was 18/19 or so given he had an RUR issued one rather than a general service one. Of course, all those Riflemen in Italy served with the London Irish Rifles (which from 1937 formed part of the Corps of the Royal Ulster Rifles) not the RUR whose 2 battalions were other wise engaged in Normandy on 6th June '44.

    You have the actual book but this is a link to the section from the 'London Irish at War' covering Feb '44 for 1 LIR:
    February 1944 – London Irish Rifles Association

    During nearly six weeks at Anzio, 1 LIR's casualties in killed, wounded, and missing were: 32 officers and 550 other ranks.

    The Regimental Association visited Anzio in May 2014, a picture from that visit is attached

    edit update: my Dad served in Tunisia/Italy with the 2nd Bn London Irish Rifles so I know the story well.

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    Thanks for that, I saw that entry earlier, what I'd like to know about are his sisters, I can't find any marriage entries for either of them. If I could find a nephew or niece, I would probably give them everything I have i relation K Jones.
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    Good luck with that search.. if at any future time, you have a wish to pass over any of Kenneth Jones' papers, the LIR Museum is located now at Camberwell
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    England & Wales, Civil Registration Birth Index, 1916-2007
    Name: Kenneth G A Jones
    Registration Date: Apr 1923
    [May 1923]
    [Jun 1923]
    Registration Quarter: Apr-May-Jun
    Registration district: Cheltenham
    Inferred County: Gloucestershire
    Mother's Maiden Name: Mulcahy
    Volume Number: 6a
    Page Number: 734

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    Mother's Maiden Name: Mulcahy
    Volume Number: 6a
    Page Number: 734

    Got that thanks, they were married in 1914 and had 2 other children(girls), I'm trying to get some info on them, may they had children.
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

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    Brilliant!! Thanks for that, I now have the contact details for his niece
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    Jones Household
    74 Cheylesmore House, City of Westminster, London
    Archie T Jones - 05 Jul 1887 - Chauffeur
    Daisy A Jones - 21 Sep 1892 - Household Duties
    Sorry, this record is officially closed.
    Kenneth G A Jones - 07 Mar 1923 - Junior Clerk
    Sorry, this record is officially closed.
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    I am out in Beach Head CWGC Cemetery in Jun 19 guiding a group. I will tip my hat to him and place a poppy.

    At the time. 1 LIR were responsible for the Factory - the town of Aprilia. On 7-9 Feb 44, the Germans attacked the Factory and pushed 1 LIR out with great loss on 9 Feb 44. I suspect that he was killed during those tussles.


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