70 years ago 24 June 1948 West-Berlin

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    The US, Great Britain and France started what until today in Germany is remembered as "Die Rosinen Bomber Aktion.

    Due to the total blokage of West-Berlin by Josef Stalin, motor ways, streets, rivers and electricity were cut off.


    NB: Rosinen = resins, because the first things droped by >300 Douglas C-54 Skymaster were sweets for the kids
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    Known as The Berlin Blockade.....Stalin's attempt to starve out the Allied sectors of Berlin by cutting off the land routes across East Germany.It failed because of the Allied response of airlifting food and fuel supplies to Berlin.The Allied Powers used the three Air Corridors which had been agreed as a right of way on the German surrender .....The Berlin Airlift......Stalin called off the attempt to isolate the Allied Powers zones after about 10 months

    Initiated with Stalin's philosophy that the Allied Powers would forsake Berlin and was a Russian response to the creation of the West German Deutschemark.It followed the Marshal Plan that was thought by the Russians would set the foundation of West Germany's economy to the detriment of East Germany's....later to be established as the GDR.

    The only access to West Berlin for many troops was by rail with strict security imposed by the Russians/GDR. Allied troop trains could only proceed if window were obscured by blinds to prevent any military personnel fgaining intelligence from the journey....as described by a late friend who was based kin Berlin and experienced the practice.

    Served under a squadron commander who flew Yorks during Berlin Airlift....we groundcrew used to joke about his landing of Lincolns as if they were a York performing freighter duty.
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    thanks for adding above. I was only 3 years old, but remember my dad telling me 3 years later and of course the TV news somewhat later. My grandma lived in the GDR at the time, but it was ok where they lived.
    Atefa n.
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