6th South African armoured division unversal carrier

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    have recently ran into an image of an universal carrier which intrigued me considerably. It comes from the IWM collections, and depicts a 24th Guards Brigade Universal Carrier, in Bagnoregio, Italy, June 1944:
    The Brigade was attached to the 6th SA armoured division, and this carrier bears a rather interesting set of markings: The AoS, (56 of the Scots Guards), what seems to be the insignia of the 13th Corps above the Bren port (very unusual), and the 6th SA division insigna. The latter has caught my attention because, rather than being the usual green and yellow triangle placed on a white rectangle, it seems to me to be placed on a rectagle with a lighter coloured bar over a darker background, which strongly recalls the Guards' flash (a bordeaux horizontal bar on a dark blue rectangle)., for which I have made a very hypothetical reconstruction.


    and I underline very hypothetical because my reconstruction doesn't square with the authoritative information published here: https://www.flamesofwar.com/Default.asp ... rt_id=4469 by William Marshall, one of the leading experts of SA camouflage and markings, who attributes this set of insignia to that brigade


    On the other hand, it seems clear to me that the divisional triangle is not superimposed on the brigade's wings, but on something else. Can anyone shed some light about this peculiar insignia? Has anyone seen the Brigade Insigna with the wings being used, either on vehicles or uniforms?
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