6th Royal Scots Fusiliers - Missing Page of War Diary - 16th July '44?

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    Hello everyone. I'm doing some research about my grandfather who went missing on 16th July 1944. He was a gunner with 13th Medium Regiment RA, and their war diary states "Capt. J. G. Jones RA, who was last seen going forward with his signaller Gnr Digby and a representative from a Field Regiment in support of 44 Brigade at Gavrus, reported missing." We've been to Kew to look at the War Diaries for 44 Brigade, but it appears there is a missing page for 6RSF.

    It goes from:
    16/7/44 - 10.20 DUNBAR - i.e capture of BOUGY reported complete by 10.30 hours. Bn left Ar.2 echelon tpt in assembly area and dug itself in to...

    16/7/44 - 20.00 This was a most unpleasant area as it was shelled and mortared.

    Does anyone have a copy of the missing page if there is one? Or is there no missing page?

    Also if anyone can point me to the war diary for 153rd RAC for that time of 6 KOSB that would be very helpful.
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    Thanks! That's the fella, just wondering if there was a scanned or transcribed copy floating about.
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