6th Highland Light Infantry

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    I am currently trying to research 3318690 Sgt Charles Millar of the 6th H.L.I.

    3318690 Sgt Charles Millar 6th Highland Light Infantry

    On 4 Apr. 45. During a Battalion attack in the DORTMUND-EMS canal bridgehead South West of IBBENBUREN, the right-hand forward company was held up yt snipers in houses and a strong and determined enemy force established on high ground and in closely wooded country on either side of a vital main road. Sgt Millar, the Bn Sniper Sgt., was ordered to proceed with a team of four, to neutralise the enemy snipers and to report on an alleged rd. block. On approaching thr road, Sgt. Millar was able to ascertain that noe road block existed but observed a party of the enemy withdrawing in his direction from the area of the Unit’s right hand fwd Coy. These he engaged at short range and despite their determined attempts to outflank him and although outnumbered he inflicted casualties. He then crossed the main road and, although this action put him at greater disadvantage it enabled him to continue engaging the enemy and to prevent their infiltrating into the area of the Bn. HQ. At this stage Sgt Millar was wounded in the shoulder by our own artillery fire but concealed the fact from his comrades. His efforts undoubtedly assisted the Coy which had been held up, to advance and capture its objective. He then returned to Bn HQ and reported. It was not until he had completed this task and had collapsed at the Commanding Officers feet that it was discovered that he had been wounded twenty minutes earlier.

    The award of the Military Medal was announced in the London Gazette on the 12 July 1945

    Charles first went into action with his regiment on the 1 October 1944 at Bemmel and the attached newspaper article refers to this action and his part in it.

    Thanks to Drew, I now have the War Diary for the battalion which confirms the actions reported in the newspaper.

    Does anyone know it a Battalion History exists as I can't find any reference to one?

    Many thanks


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    There are two WWII regimental histories that I am aware of existing. One is exclusive to the 6th Battalion. I have digital copies of both histories if you are interested. Start a conversation with me and I will get in touch regarding providing you with copies.

    A number of years back I digitized the Proud Heritage book for the Headquarters of the Royal Highland Fusiliers. That is the copy listed below.

    Anon. Regimental History: 6th Battalion Highland Light Infantry. Nd, np. (D.Ryan-Digital)

    Oatts, L.B. Proud Heritage. The Story of the Highland Light Infantry. Volume IV: The Regular, Territorial, and Service Battalions H.L.I. and the H.L.I. of Canada, 1919-1959: Volume IV. Glasgow: House of Grant Ltd., 1963. (NYPL Annex)(D.Ryan-Digital)
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    Sincere thanks to all who have replied. This is a MOST generous forum with members freely sharing information gathered over many years.

    I am so glad I joined.

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    You are welcome. No problem adding to the Nijmegen Bridgehead thread.
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    Just to correct your post, Millar's MM is an immediate one. I accept the error may be mine in the email to you!

    Best wishes

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    Very many thanks.

    I have the 6th HLI War Diary for Jan-March 1945 which is incredibly detailed. When I receive the April WD, I will post details on the casualties noted above.
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    does anyone have casualty names or history of the June 1940 period? Thanks
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    Sgt Charles Miller won his Military Medal 75 years ago today.
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