6th D Day landing beach and their code names - Band Beach etc.

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    I don't know where you get your info Owen. But the East York's landed on Queen beach White. The South lancs landed on Queen red. I Am definitely NOT Wrong.

    This is the actual post invasion report since you disbelieve me!

    3 platoon Lt MH Edwards RE. Sgt G J Davies
    on the right under command of 1st S lancs with 4 demolition teams. Each carrying two 30lb "Beehive " charges. and two mine clearing teams.

    Lt RAC Trench RE. Sgt EH Rees.
    On the left similarly deployed under command 2nd East York's.

    This report confirms that the South Lancs landed on Queen White which was the right hand of the two assault areas. My dad was there with the South Lancs, although as he came from Bradford there was at least one Yorkshireman on Queen White.
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