6th Bn, Royal West Kent in Italy

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    Can't seem to find where the 6th Queen's Own were on January 7th 1945, other than in Italy. Can someone please help?

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    From 78th Div history page 188 & 189
    36 Brigade rest was short lived ; on December 27 they were sent to relieve 2 Infantry Brigade on Monte Grande and remained under command of 1 Division until January 9 when they were relieved by 85 (US) Division and reverted to the command of 78 Division . The sector they were to take over included Monte Calderaro, which projected 1500 yards north of the main mass of Monte Grande - a conical hill 1875 feet high surmounted by a battered church and a few houses, and linked to the main Monte Grande position by a ridge, shorter but more dangerous than the causeway at Aqua Salata. There was also a spur to the north-east running down to the ruins of Vezzolo....

    ...On being relieved , 36 Brigade, less one battalion which was placed under command of 11 Brigade , went into the divisional rest area near Florence for a week's shelter and rest , but on January 18 they were back again and from then until February 6 there were two full brigades in the line.
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    The battalion was on Monte Calderaro, north of Monte Grande until the 11th January according to Chaplin's history on the regiment.
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    Sorry for the lack of thank you post.. Bit of IT trouble, now fixed and then I remembered this post a tad late. Sorry, berlatedThanks anyway

    Have another Queen's Own query though, a bit earlier the 6th Queen's Own RWK lost two men on 15th November 1944, and I cannot find where they were. They rest in Faenza now.
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    According to Chaplin's regimental history, the Battalion moved back to positions at Aqua Salata on the night of October 31st, 1944. The history states that this period in the line was uneventful and six days rest followed.
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    Hi, The 'War Diary' of the 6th Bn RWK identfies CARRE Pt 428040246 as their position on 15th November 1944.
    The 'Diary' of the 15th November states "Patrols reported no enemy contact or movement seen. Dull morning, and very cold. Z Coy fired on by 75mm gun on CAMMAGGIO feature 047259 and 8.1cm mortar. One Bosche seen moving on same feature. 2 O.R.s killed by direct hit from mortar. Our 4.2” mortars replied. Enemy “stonk” on Z Coy and Bn HQ. Very heavy mortar and arty fire. Retaliated on to known enemy posns. Enemy “stonk” area Bn HQ. Our heavy mortars replied.
    Hope this helps. Ticker

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