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    I have got the Record details, as attached, for a W H Gascoyne which states he was wounded. How do I find out more about this and his post-war history.
    Many thanks

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    Forgive me if I've misread the various posts, but:
    1. can't you simply apply for a copy of his death certificate?
    2. You might count as Next of Kin anyway? No means certain under the circumstances but still worth asking the MOD (contact details will be on the forms requesting his Service Records).
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    Hello Alison,

    I don't think WH Gascoyne was serving with the 6th Bn Duke of Wellington's Regiment when he was wounded in August 1944, as they were replaced in 147th Infantry Brigade, 49th (West Riding) Division - The Polar Bears - by the 1st Bn Leicestershire Regiment on 6 July 1944. Most of the 6th Bn Bn were merged into the 7th Bn Duke of Wellington's Regiment on 17 August 1944.

    The 6th Bn had such horrendous losses during Operation Martlet - 25 June to 1 July 1944 - that it's Commanding Officer did not believe it battle worthy, hence its replacement by the Leicesters...

    You will need his full service records to ascertain with which outfit he was serving with when wounded.


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    His service number shows a Sherwood Foresters enlistment originally? :)


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