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  1. Writing this out of frustration of not being able to identify the sleeve insignia to replicate my grandfathers 1944 KD uniform.
    He was S/Sgt (er) Webster 722266
    Master gunner

    I have a KD jacket, the white stripes and metal crown, his original zodiac formation sign and 8th army - he was part of the 75th (highland) Heavy Regiment RA.
    Can some one please confirm that the right sleeve consisted of
    Zodiac M, metal crown, artillery gun and three stripes, left sleeve 8th army shield, crown, gun and stripes.
    once identified I will finish his uniform. The picture was taken in Italy. Any help would be welcomed.
    Grandad  WW2.jpg
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    Are you sure he was in 75 Hvy Regt RA because they were not in Italy nor 6 AGRA:



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    I know its from Wiki - but

    75th (Highland) Heavy Regiment - 1st Aberdeenshire Artillery Volunteers - Wikipedia
    The regiment was next shipped to Tunisia, where it joined 1st Army Group Royal Artillery (AGRA) in First Army at the end of the Tunisian Campaign.[72][73][86] Here it was converted into 75th (Highland) Heavy Regiment.[17][72][73][87] It moved to Sicily and then served in the Italian Campaign from September 1943 until the end of the war.[17][88] For part of this time it was serving as the heavy regiment with 6th AGRA.[73]

    6th Army Group Royal Artillery - Wikipedia
    The 6th Army Group Royal Artillery (AGRA), developed by the British Army to add weight of fire and increased artillery flexibility to the battlefield, was one of a number of AGRAs created and one of the main AGRAs to fight in the Italian Campaign during World War 2.

  4. Quite Sure His commanding Officer - Howard?- signature is difficult to read, sent him a copy of the book Guns of 6 AGRA and the 75th are referred to insetters. S/Sgt Webster was a Gordon Colour Sergeant ww1 and was a TA after great war in Aberdeen.
    298,299th or 300 Battery of 75th (Highland) Field Regiment City of Aberdeen Ruby Lane, North Silver Street, and Brig of Don
    The 75th (Highland) Field Regiment was part of the 51st (Highland Division) supporting them with Artillery. Hence also known as the 75th (highland) Field Royal Artillery
    He was mobilised, I believe with the 75th Field Regiment and was part of the BEF defending St Valery & Le Harve finally evacuated from Cherbourg.
    The 75th Field Regiment went with the 51st division to France but escaped capture. It later served in the U.K. and North Africa, being converted into a Heavy Regiment in September 1943.
    We understand he was then with 6 AGRA attached with the 8th Army in North Africa moving into Sicily and then on to Italy. We know he was involved in Casino and the Gustav line generally. He was quite respected from what we have been told.

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    I have WO 169/9408, 6 AGRA diary March 43 to December 43. This would suggest that it was actually 75th Medium Regiment (4.5 and 5.5 guns) that was in 6 AGRA. I haven't read the whole document but they are there with them in Sicily and then onto mainland Italy but (the diary is water damaged) have ceased to be mentioned by November 43 which suggests they have moved under command elsewhere. Also, the wikki entry if copied exactly says they converted from 75th Highland Heavy to 75th Highland Heavy. Umm, does that mean the conversion took place in Tunisia. The 6 AGRA diary refers to 75th Med Regt RA in an entry on 20th April 43 saying they were place under command of this HQ.

    I think there may be some confusion here between a Field and Medium Regiment or else it did indeed get renamed / equipped. If the family history is strong on Italy, Casino and 6 AGRA (6 AGRA would be difficult to weave into a narrative unless you really knew something) then I would suggest he was with 75th Heavy to start (perhaps) and and then the Medium Regiment but in the absence of their diary, can't be sure exactly what was going on.

    I also have 1 AGRA diary from July 43 (Tinar, near Setif) but the narrative is handwritten in pencil so will need some time to see if there is an earlier reference to them in there

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    See this page, entry on 26th July
    for first day of 75 Field Regiment practice Camp - 300 Battery Exercise produce some interesting shoots and backward tactics? Perhaps someone else can produce a better translation but would tie in with 300 battery above.
    Also on same entry - Mussolini disposed! I like little snippets like that in war diaries.

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  7. Wow, so much information.
    I know from what little research I have done re my fathers war that family knowledge and actual events don't quite fit the army records and there is a touch of story. But my original request was regarding the KD uniform and the insignia, rank etc.
    The Book sent to him - stamps are King George and the envelope OHMS etc The story as written confirms that the 6AGRA was formed on 15th March 1943 Almaza nr Cairo. consisting 3 med regiments as you say each with 1 battery 4.5 and 5.5 guns. Scottish Horse 80 medium was one of the three.
    Reading the text I have come across reference to Primsole Ridge and the battle for Catania which I recall he spoke of and the difficulties that caused before Italy. Could it be for some reason he was with the 75 Medium (shropshire) reg RA?..
    Thanks guys :) more reading and research...
    But we know he was at Casino. Could it be that he moved around - no mention was made of Anzio but i understand the 75 med left 6 AGRA then to go to Anzio. What a puzzle.

    Thanks for the feedback so far its fascinating.

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    Might be useful to post their service record so we can see the exact units and dates before trying to sort this narrative for certain. There are Field, Medium and Heavy regiments all with '75th in them but at the end of the day, the individual diaries at Kew should nail any confusion.
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    Here is the story for 75 Med Regt RA



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    Has a transfer from 75 Fd to 75 Hy could have been misread as a conversion of the regiment's role?

    Just going back to the original question, he shouldn't have been wearing an AGRA flash on one arm and 8th Army on the other.
  11. Thanks for the feedback, this what I am looking for.
    I have both his original formation insignia, the crusader shield on purple and the black m. I also saw a battle dress on this site which led me to the suggestion of both.
    Added a couple of photos for interest and feed back. Grandad  WW2 group italy.jpg 6th Army Group.jpg IMG_0475.jpg 8th army.jpg

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