69th LAA /206 Batt/14th Indian LAA

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  1. zahonado

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    Hi there, anyone know anything about what these units did in India1941-1944, especially the 69th? Thanks-there must be someone out there!
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  3. Ravrick

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    Trying googling "Chindits" as i believe they served with them in 1944
  4. zahonado

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    Thanks-I already saw the RA site, but was hoping for a bit more inside info. My father was a Chindit but applied to join and was attached to the Lanc Fus from Oct 1944 and I have a lot of info from a diary after that (and he "bumped into" his old unit in the jungle at some point) but nothing before . I assumed the 206 number meant battalion, looks as though it means battery-what does that mean? He had a badge similar to the one you use, Bofors.
  5. zahonado

    zahonado Well-Known Member

    I have a personal diary written by my father about 1943 life as an officer in this unit in India and can email it to anyone interested.
  6. dryan67

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    69th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, R.A. (T.A.)
    RHQ, 199th, 206th, 207th
    Raised: 20 December 1940 at St. Agnes Practice Camp

    267th Battery replaced 199th Battery on 4 September 1941. 462nd Battery served under command from 19 February to 12 March 1942.
    The regiment arrived in India on 20 May 1942 and moved to Delhi. On 14 June 1942, it was sent to Gauhati, Assam and came under IV Corps. It joined 9th AA Brigade on 10 August 1942. It moved to Tinsukia under the brigade on 12 July 1943. The regiment joined 3rd Indian AA Brigade in Assam on 26 April 1944. It moved to Imphal on 16 July 1944 and came under command of XXXIII Indian Corps on 29 July 1944. It joined 14th (West Africa) AA Brigade on 9 September 1944. It left Burma on 30 March 1945 and moved to the Ranchi area, coming under 101st LOC Area on 4 April 1945. It then joined 59th AGRA on 21 May 1945 and then came under R.A. Training No. 40 on 19 July 1945. It embarked for the United Kingdom from Madras on 21 August 1945.
    By March 1944, the regiment formed ‘W’, ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ Troops each of three officers, 74 men and six 40mm guns to serve under Special Force. ‘W’ Troop flew into Broadway base on 6-8 March 1944. ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ Troops flew into Aberdeen base on 24-26 March 1944. ‘X’ Troop had 10 5-inch Machine-Guns. ‘X’ Troop moved to the Irrawaddy at White City base on 4 April 1944. Byu 18-19 May 1944, ‘W’ and ‘X’ Troops moved to Myitkyina. After the operation, all the troops returned to the regiment in Assam.
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  7. dryan67

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    14th Indian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, IA
    1 October 1943
    No record of batteries

    The regiment served in East Bengal. It served under 2nd Indian AA Brigade. This was an all Madrassi regiment.
  8. KirstyKnight

    KirstyKnight New Member

    I am trying to find some information regarding my fiance's grandfather, who served in the chindits, 111 Ind. Inf, 3rd Indian,
    69 Lt. A.A. Regiment, Royal Artillery. He was awarded a MM on the 23rd May 1944 http://www.chindits.info/Awards/MMTurner.htm. i was wondering if anyone knew the movements of 69th, what strongholds they defending, where this action may have taken place?
    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks,
  9. Charpoy Chindit

    Charpoy Chindit Junior Member

    "i was wondering if anyone knew the movements of 69th, what strongholds they defending, where this action may have taken place?"

    The defence of Blackpool.
  10. zahonado

    zahonado Well-Known Member

    Kirsty Knight....if you are interested in what the regiment did in 43/44 my father was a junior officer and kept a diary. A very different kind of war until 44, but the diary is quite detailed about life in a not very active regiment where morale was very low. He said that the 69th distinguished themselves in 44. I am just about to publish it ...
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  11. zahonado

    zahonado Well-Known Member

    Sorry Kirsty, I forgot I had put it up as a blog on this site...look at the blogs and go backwards!
  12. zahonado

    zahonado Well-Known Member

    I also have some photos from 1942. Pm me if you are interested
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  13. Simon Wills

    Simon Wills New Member

    I am looking for perhaps some more info on the 207/69th as my Grandfather was in India in Christmas 1943.
    Unfortunately, i only have 2 old photo copy post-cards and a very grainy picture as evidence, as there was a 'family scandal' , not long after his return, so all contact was lost.
    Could anyone supply me with a list of medals that he would have been awarded, as i may wish to buy/collect them ?
    Also, dryan67 says the unit was formed at St Agnes. Being local to the area can i assume he also did his training there ?

    Many Thanks in advance,

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  14. zahonado

    zahonado Well-Known Member

    Dad was in both the 206 and 207 in 42/3. the diary is called Before the Show, available at Amazon and Lulu.com. Also on kindle.
    He had the Burma Star medal plus the 39-45 war medal. There were couple of others but afraid I can't remember what they were!
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  15. Simon Wills

    Simon Wills New Member

    Thank you for that.
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  16. maddog2

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    My grandfather (surname Morgan) was in 206th from December '41 rising to rank of L/Sgt before being interposted to 267 battery in may '42. Promoted to full sgt, and then W/Sgt (Not sure what the W means?) but "reverts to Gunner at own request" in may '43. after this he was interposted to 207 Battery, who he remained with for the rest of the war (when not in hospital).

    Sadly we know very little about his time, other than his war record. I have read "Before the show" and along with the reverting to gunner perhaps suggests it wasn't the happiest of units.
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  17. zahonado

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    Actually, mad dog , the units were absorbed into the Chindits in 44 and I believe did have quite distinguished service defending Blackpool .Not my area I'm afraid but I visited the place recently .they were the only LAA to be used in the Chindits in Operation Thursday I think. Before this , as you have read they were probably the unit with the worst morale ever in earlier years!
    Thank you for reading the diary.
  18. zahonado

    zahonado Well-Known Member

    I seem to remember my father mentioning in the diary that men were refusing to accept stripes... So your grandfather was not alone!
  19. Glenflo

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    I'm Glen from australia and chasing a bit of research into the family name in Doogan

    I had a Doogan who served in WW2 in burma with name "Doogan" im not 100% sure if you are in relation into the name or not.

    After any information and pictures would be a bonus. Grandfather name is “Neil Doogan” Rank: Serjeant, Service number:1451606 267 Bty, 69 Lt. A.A. Regt. Royal Artillery. From Reading Berkshire. Deceased in Burma 1944 11th April age 22. We know his name is placed at the Rangoon Memorial. Thanks Glen.
  20. Glenflo

    Glenflo New Member

    I have all 10 men names who pass away on the same day. Be really nice to see any pictures of these brave men. Thanks Glen.

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