6975565 Corporal Frederick John GILLIGAN, MM, 2nd Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

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    Army Number: 6975565
    Rank: Corporal
    Name: Frederick John GILLIGAN, MM
    Unit: 2 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

    London Gazette : 18 October 1945
    The King has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Italy: —
    The Military Medal.
    No. 6975565 Sergeant (acting) Frederick John GILLIGAN, The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (Swindon).
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    “Sgt Gilligan is platoon sergeant of No 17 Platoon D Coy, 2nd Bttn Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. During the 17th and 18th April 1945, Sgt Gilligan’s platoon fought several hard battles. On the morning of 17 April when forming up for an attack in a group of houses, Sgt Gilligan’s platoon was subjected to a heavy enemy barrage but Sgt Gilligan wandered around his platoon, not bothering about any cover for himself. In this area, each house was a strong point and the area was swept by enemy small arms fire but Sgt Gilligan moved about the battlefield oblivious of bullets. Several times he cleared enemy from positions on his own. Later in the day, a strong point was attacked by this platoon. The platoon consisted of three machine guns and one SP gun. The post was in the open and covered from both flanks by enemy fire. The platoon got within 50 yards of the house but owing to enemy defensive fire casualties were heavy and the final assault was impossible. The platoon was ordered to withdraw but Gilligan refused to leave his wounded until the stretcher bearers had evacuated all his men. His behaviour throughout was beyond that called for by normal duty and he set such an example that his badly mauled platoon never once lost their dash and high morale which made the battle a complete success, as the enemy in the strong point were later found to be all but destroyed, but for five.”

    Tragically, Frederick was killed whilst taking part in peacekeeping duties in Austria during October 1945, and before he received confirmation of the award of his MM.

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