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    Thanks for your latest postings, very interesting
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    Your welcome Bluebell Minor, the diary comprises something in the order of 840 pages (found and copied by Andy, he's highly recommended) there is some very interesting content which I think merits a wider viewing for those who have an interest in the workings of REME field workshops in general. Over the next couple of weeks I'll post a few more extracts that may be of general interest.
    My next task is to take the search back to North Africa and try to locate the diary entries for 10th Army Field Workshop REME November 1942 to July 1943 this is the unit that 78/692 was drawn from. Help from any one regarding this would be most appreciated as once again I have been unable to trace any reference to this unit under my own steam. I'll post this request under a separate heading on the forum soon.


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    Here are a series of movement orders and convoy instructions relating to the unit move from Chieuti to Ste Maria Capua Vetere carried out between the 7th and 9th of January 1944.

    Points of note are the other units listed in the convoy serials list and the overall speed of the column of march more the tortoise and much less of the hare here I think !
    I think these documents give a feel for the logistical undertaking when moving large numbers of troops over any distance. Roads would be in bad condition, one of my Fathers comments was that most villages they encountered were just piles of rubble all bridges blown with some replaced by Bailey bridges but the smaller rivers and streams had to forded perhaps not too bad if you happened to be the at the front of the column but challenging if you are the 100th vehicle in the column of march with a 6x4 truck at 7.5tons towing a 6 ton 4 wheel trailer.


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    Thanks for all your posts. Very interesting!


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    It's some time since I posted anything on this subject however I have not been idle.

    In one of my previous posts above I said that the objective was now to take the search backwards in time to look at the formation of 10th army ordnance workshop ( this unit formed the basis for the subsequent formation of 78 Inf Trp Wks which then became 692 Inf Trp Wks) in the UK and then subsequent deployment to North Africa as part of the 1st Army in support of 1st Army operations during the Tunisian campaign.

    To keep things clear I will start a new thread under the heading 10th Army Ordnance Workshop UK and North Africa.


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