67th Medium regiment

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    Can you help guys?
    I'm struggling to find a date of arrival in North Africa for this unit, and the type of guns in each battery from that point up until the end of 1942.

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    67th Medium Regiment, R.A. (T.A.)
    HQ, 232nd (Suffolk) Bty: Ipswich
    231st (Suffolk) Bty: Sudbury

    67th Medium Regiment served under command of IV Corps Artillery in the autumn of 1940. It was sent to North Africa in October 1941 as part of the Crusader convoys. It served under 8th Army in the campaigns in the Western Desert from November 1941 until June 1942. It supported the South African attack on Bardia in December 1941. The regiment added (Suffolk) to its name on 17 February 1942. It was captured at Tobruk on 20 June 1942. Due to casualities the regiment was reduced to a cadre on 7 September 1942.

    At Crusader it had 16 x 6" howitzers. At Gazala it had 8 4.5" guns and 8 155mm howitzers.
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    Thank you very much.
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    That's right. I think that the Schneider was used by all three of Commonwealth, German & Italian forces in the Western Desert!
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    I'm not sure about the Italians David.

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    Ooops! Now I look at my records, neither am I.
    I wonder where i got that idea from? (scratches head!)

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