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    I'm researching my grandfather's war record (Staff Sargent REW Poole, 7521153) and having difficulty getting any detailed information.
    I have received his 'Service & Casualty Form' from the Army Records Office, which doesn't go into much detail.
    I understand he was attached to the 8th Army, 66th General Hospital (possibly with 51st Highland Division) and arrived in Palestine (Nuseirat?) in 09/42, after a passage round the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. He served through North Africa and was involved in the Sicily landings 07/43 (got his feet wet when his landing craft hit the rocks), Syracuse and Catania and hence to Italy, Ancona and Rimini, demobbed 01/46.
    I would appreciate with assistance filling-in some of the gaps please.
    Alan Poole
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    Best if you post up his Service Record here and forum members can then interpret for you.
    Meanwhile: Hospitals WW2 - Scarlet Finders
    66 British General Hospital
    Leeds 5/42 to 6/42 then overseas; Museirat [should this be Nuseirat] 9/42 to 7/43 then to Syracuse; Syracuse 7/43 to 9/43 then to Catania; Catania 9/43 to 8/44 then to Ancona; Ancona 8/44 to 1/45 then to Rimini; Rimini 1/45 to 15/12/45 then disbanded.


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