65th Anniversary of D Day

Discussion in 'General' started by Paul Reed, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. Paul Reed

    Paul Reed Ubique

    Next year is the 65th Anniversary of D Day and as the first 'event' to be organised by the WW2 Society (which will officially form on 8th May that year), I am aiming to take one or more coaches to Normandy with subsidised places for veterans.

    As such I am looking to make contact with as many Normandy Veteran's Association branches as possible to make them aware of this.

    The trip will go out on Friday 5th June, attend ceremonies on the 6th, visit battlefield locations on the 7th, and return to UK on the 8th. The trip will be run by Leger Holidays.

    If you are able to help with addresses please PM or email:


    I will also be aiming to offer places on the tour directly to members of this forum - more details when I have put the whole thing together.
  2. stevew

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    I have just seen this, and you have wetted my appetite. This is slightly off at a tangent but do you know what events are taking place, I only ask as a mate of mine has asked me

  3. macrusk

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    Sounds interesting Paul, but if I were to come over from Canada for the events, I would need to go for longer than 3 or 4 days for the trip to be worthwhile and cover the areas I would want to see.
  4. marcus69x

    marcus69x I love WW2 meah!!!

    I'd be interested Paul. Been on about doing one of them battlebus tours for ages. If you're gonna sort this out though, then count me in. If a few members all got together for it too, it'd be even better. Kind of a 'family' day out. :D
  5. Gerard

    Gerard Seelow/Prora

    I would definitely be interested in this trip if it came about.
  6. Paul Reed

    Paul Reed Ubique

    Ok thanks - and thanks to those who have sent me details of NVA branches.

    It will certainly happen, and I expect we would probably take 2-4 coaches, possibly more. Am afraid it will only be a 4 day trip, as that is how the departure would slot into the Leger programme, but people could extend the trip by staying on themselves after the tour.

    It should be possible to get any forum members onto the same coach - but anyway, more details when I have it.
  7. j5spitman

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    First class. I will get the details of Father in Law's NVA branch and pass them on to you. Tom Mansell my FIL was a beach master sgt on Sword beach and took a key part in the Suffolks attack on The Hillman and Morris gun emplacements that were attcking Caen.

    One previous correspondent asked about other events. The project 65 team who work very closely with the very few survivors of The famous OX and Bucks airborne assault on Pegasus bridge are planning an ultra Marathon 65 mile run from the original field from which the 3 gliders ( Les trois Planeurs) were launched, along the coast to Pompey then from the Ferry to Beouville. If they let me I want to run with them, if not, then I can say there will be two seats taken up from this household..
    Anything I can do to help, sing out please
    Spitbloke over and out

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