64 Battery of 165 Field Regiment - 7/12/44, where and doing what?

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    I've been working through my paybooks to wounded men trying to put into context where they were when wounded and what their units were doing and in most I have managed to at least get a rough idea but I'm struggling with 5 so I'm hoping fellow members can help (War Diaries would be ideal) - so here goes, looking for info on

    64 Air Landing Light Battery of 165 Field Regiment RA 7/12/44 when H Iveson was wounded, they were in Greece at the time



    p.s. apologies that the basics of the posts will be cut and paste
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    Thanks for that, a real bonus for him to get a direct mention, shame there isn't a citation for Lt Morwood (I did see your previous thread about the lack of one) but the obituary helps set the scene - from looking online the prison is just across from Panathinaikos stadium so I have been on the street just outside where it stood.

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