6290784 Pte Edward DIXON, 1 Buffs - Help Interpret Service Records

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    I was born and brought up in the era of double intent :rolleyes::cool:

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    My last word...... I was born and brought up in the era of Double Diamond:cheers:
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    Ah well - now that makes sense and helps me understand

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    Further to my previous Post:
    WPP = Wartime Proficiency Pay payable after one year.
    SPP = Special Proficiency Pay. Not Specialist Pay as I said previously. It is not trade pay. It can be granted at CO's discretion to those below the rank of Sergeant for three years Service for proficiency above the average. I think 3d per day.
    Note how the dates of these awards tie in with his joining 18/4/40.
    With SPP you also got the badge!

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    Thanks everyone for all of your help.
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    Thank you ALL for your help.Very much appreciated I'll be looking for more info on Franks response .
    Kind Regards
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    In Mar 44, 24 Gds Bde were withdrawn from Anzio and sent back to Naples. They then moved up to the Gustav Line in the Castel del Sangro area under command X (BR) Corps. They were then placed under command 6 SA Armd Div for the push to Florence. They stayed with 6 SA Armd Div into the Appennines above Florence until switching to 56 BR Inf Div in Mar 45 for the final battle. They ended the war in Trieste.


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    David, I'm sure i sent you the war diaries of 1 Buffs for Jan-Dec 44. WO 170-1367 ? 18 Brigade took over from 24 Guards Brigade after they had been smashed to bits in the Anzio Campaign.


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    Thank you so much Frank.
    I've been on Google Earth, locating all the places you've mentioned. Wow They certainly covered alot of ground in that country.
    It is somewhere I've always wanted to visit.I think it held a place in his heart despite the hardship.

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