615 Squadron - Middle/Far East?

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    My first posting to your esteemed forum (those who know me will recognise me as a Great War man).


    I have a friend who picked up a photograph album at a boot sale. It's clearly from the 1940's and I would suggest that the pictures are from India. I'll get them scanned and uploaded for comment, but one of them is a shot of a Hurricane, designated KW X.

    I know KW was 615 squadron, and from a Google search I have a potted history of the squadron. This more or less ties in with the idea of the pics being from India.

    Can anybody go any further than simply 615 squadron, and perhaps suggest any possible names for the pilot of KW X?

    Could be a few days before I get the images scanned, but they will be along shortly.


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    Don't know, but there are folks here who can help you on this.

    You'll enjoy the page! :group2:
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    It might be worth contacting the 615 Squadron association, they are still active.

    615 (County of Surrey) Squadron Association
    Hon Secretary: G I Smith
    Winter's Farm
    West Sussex, RH20 1LB
    Tel: 01798 872704
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    Just a general selection of aircraft that operated with 615 . Sorry I don't have KW-X.

    Hurricane Mk. I
    s/n P5201
    Hurricane Mk. I
    s/n R4194
    Hurricane Mk. IIA
    s/n Z2703
    Hurricane Mk. IIA
    s/n Z2354
    Hurricane Mk. IIc
    s/n BD787
    Shot down by Bf-109's off Blankenberge on the 18th of September 1941 Hurricane Trop Mk.IIc
    s/n BN704
  5. Peter Clare

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    From a document received some times ago from the AHB: extract of the history of N° 615 Squadron ...With the approach of spring the squadron was warned to stand by for overseas. In March 1942 under great sucrecy the squadron ombarked on route for the Burma border where the Japanese were monacing Easyern India. Arriving in India in May the squadron remained throughout the monsoon period at Jossomo until the following December when it moved forward to the Arakan. From December untill May 1943 its pilots destroyed 8 Jap aircraft and probably destroyed or dammaged a further 18, a credible achievement in view of the inferiority of he Hurricane to the jap fighter. The next 6 month the squadron spent in the Calcutta area, re-equipping in October 1943 with Spitfires. Early in November the squadron moved to Chittagong and within a few days of arrival scored its first success with its new fighters. Before Christmas the squadron's Spitfires had shot down 3 Jap aircraft - a notable performance since hitherto the ennemy's fast recce planes had ranged at will over our lines. On Boxing Day 1943 2 RAAF pilots of 615 operation from Dohazari addes 3 Jap Bombers and 1 fighter to the "bag". 615 with other squadrons had been re-equipped with Spitfires in great secrecy and when they started operating the Japs were taken completely by surprise. These squadron undoubtely did much to establish air superiority which following the advent of the Spitfire remained unchallenged. In 1944 the squadron did magnificent work both offensive and defensive during the Manipur campaign. Based most of the time at Palel it destroyed a number of ennemy aircraft and flew hundreds of armes recce, one of the squadron's Austrlians pilots was shot down over ennemy territory and after spending many days in the jungle eventually arrived back in Palel on foot. August 10, 1944 was probably the blackest day in the squadron's fine history. On that day after months of hard fighting the squadron was flying back from Palel to Calcutta for a rest when 8 of the 16 aircraft were lost in a mansoon storm, 4 pilots including the CO being killed. In February 1945 the squadron returned to the Arakan and spent 3 months on fighter bomber operations. It was then withdrawn to Southern India to re-equipped with Thunderbolts. In september the Squadron returned to Fighter Command.
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    Thanks for the replies, and the detailed information from Peter.

    Still trying to repair the old scanner, so might be a few days before I can get the pictures uploaded,but there are some good ones included.
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    Hi, my Grandad was a leading aircraftsman in 615, and was based in India. I would love to see the photos. Did they ever get scanned?

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