60th ANNIVERSARY of end of WW2

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    Apologies to members of another Forum who will have aleady seen this post but I am trying to reach the largest possible audience!

    All of us, at some time or other, have expressed regrets about ‘not asking Grandad about the First World War’ whilst he was still alive so we, of all people, will have learned the lesson that the same must not be allowed to happen in respect of the Veterans of the Second World War.

    The Veterans Agency has designated Sunday 9th July 2005 as the Official 60th Anniversary of the End of World War II. There will publicly funded functions on that day in London. The week before that date will be ‘Veterans Week’. The official logo for the anniversary is available on the VA website (see below). The concessionary passports/discounted travel for veterans continues throughout 2004/5.

    So, all is set for the Anniversary that will commemorate the service of all who served in every theatre of war and we should be the ideal people to be involved in our own localities to make it as memorable as possible for the veterans and the whole community.

    Our research experience should be used to the full in searching out our local veterans and getting them to tell their stories. We can encourage our local schools and groups to help in talking to them, recording their reminiscences on tape or disc that could eventually make interesting published material. We would also be more aware than most of the importance of documents, memorabilia, medals, etc. and could advise on preservation and donation to museums, etc.

    Funding is available for such smaller local projects from ‘Home Front Recall (Veterans Reunited). The application form looks fairly easy to complete and includes a promise of an answer within eight weeks of application.

    Some of us have valuable expertise in conducting tours to the Battlefields which could be put to good use in helping Veterans and their families to make a return visit. Funding is available for that, too.

    We have twelve months in which to make a meaningful contribution to our local Commemoration celebrations.

    I have made a start compiling a list of our local veterans and hope to enlist the help of members of the local history group as well as to get endorsement of the Parish Council. Will you be doing the same?


    Good luck and Best wishes
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