6 Hiller Brothers in Royal Navy during WW2

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    Just out of interest I decided to check out the 1911 Ireland census for them as below:

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    The points here are that it shows they had been married for 7 years, which confirms a marriage in around 1903. The other factors are that in those 7 years they had 3 children born alive, but at the time of the census only 1 was still alive (Theodora). It also shows that both Leonard Snr and Margaret were born in England, 1881 in Tamworth and 1884 in Barrow in Furness respectively, all of which corresponds with the family tree info above.

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    For information, I have noted that there was another Hiller family based in Tralee, Kerry, and have begun to wonder if perhaps there were any males in that family that may have moved north to enlist as many did and have become swept up into the NI Hiller family.

    Just an observation at the moment

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    You can apply to PRONI under the freedom of information act to obtain the 1939 details for free, but you will need to prove date of birth & death to open up info on those who are under a hundred years old.
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    My Grandparents, Len & Margaret had 8 children in total. Robert & Ernest (Ernie) died in infancy. Theodora was their only daughter and was known as Dolly. She died in Adelaide, Sth Australia aged 100 or she may even have made her 101st birthday, just can’t recall of hand. Her husband, Jim Irvine was in the army and served in WWII. Joe, Leonard Arden Hiller (Jr) known as Len was a POW, Benjamin Arthur ( known as Arty) died when HMS Edinburgh was torpedoed, Sammy, George & finally John. My grandfather died 1949 and my Grandmother in 1970. Joe & Len both lived in Belfast and died there. George lived and died in Plymouth, Devon. Sam & John both died here in Australia. Dad (Sam) did return to Northern Ireland in 1953 after working in King Island. My mother and brother had returned the previous year and we came back to Australia in 1965. So I can confirm that the 6 brothers all had the same parents. My Dad died in 2009.
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    Actually I should have said 9 Hiller children were born to Margaret & Len Hiller - sorry

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