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    Hello, I am the grandson - Daniel Boylan of Edward (Ted) Nessling of the 5th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment. I had the honour (and much fun) growing up with my Grandad however he never spoke of his service which I can appreciate. I am now 44 and have uncovered a lot of his life however I am keen to understand if anyone has info on 5th Bat Wilts through the battle of Caen July 1944. Best regards Daniel
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    Hello Daniel and welcome
    your best bet is to start your own thread
    you will require the war diaries assume you have his service record Get a copy of military service records
    a few members on here copy the diaries at Kew for a reasonable price
    a tad of info here 5th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment's landing in France

    WO 166/4739 INFANTRY: 5 Wiltshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburgh's). 1939 Nov.- 1941 Dec.

    WO 166/9017 5 Wiltshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburgh's) 1942 Jan.- Dec.

    WO 166/12774 5 Wiltshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburgh's) 1943 Jan.-Dec.

    WO 171/1395 5 Wiltshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburgh's) 1944 Jan.- Dec.

    WO 171/5291 5 Wiltshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburgh's) 1945 Jan.-Dec.
    Albert James Jones 5th bn the Wiltshire Regiment
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    Hello Clive,

    Thank you for the above, I have the following:
    5th Battalion - Wiltshire Regiment in North West Europe June 1944-May 1945 Captain J.S.McMath
    5th Battalion - Wilshire Regiment in Second WW - Published by 'thewardrobe' (The Rifles Berkshire & Wiltshire)
    The Wiltshire Regiment 1914-1959 : Martin McIntyre (Assoc; Royal Gloucestershire & Berkshire)

    Just trying to fill in a few gaps

    Kind regards
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    hello Daniel

    I think you possibly have all you need now with the war diary link posted above

    Do you have his service records?

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    Thanks Clive,
    I have but I will request again - only because we know he was wounded twice however they only show his final injuries re Caen in 1944 which took him out of action (pls see below), we also know that previous he was at the evac at Dunkirk however there was no mention of that either. Unfortunately Ted passed when I was 16 (now 44) he was a great man but not one to talk of the past (understandably) so I don't have a lot of 'first account' to go on.
    Thank you for helping
    Kind regards
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