5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards May 1940

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    Thanks and passed across. Some success. I have just posted a few photos on an East Riding Yeomanry thread and ....

    This is thought to have been taken in Dec 39, shortly after secondment:


    A scrapbook also had this unannotated image:


    which may show his carrier’s crew? Extrapolating ages, the soldier on the front left has a bit of a look of the chap on the front left of the photo below:


    thus possibly Mutt Arnold? If Evan Griffiths was a Regimental boxer, there might be a team photo somewhere?

    The scrapbook also had the following cutting:


    I don’t know if you can ID the crewman in the turret? There were also images annotated ‘15/19 Hussar Demonstration (Hull) fairground Sep 39’:



    and some from France including:


    date annotated January 1940;


    unannotated and another at Libercourt 18 March 1940:


    so they might have reasonably celebrated Paddy’s Day the night before.

    The Suggits would be grateful if you could share more photos of the carrier?

    They also said he always related that it was a light anti-aircraft gun mounted on the back of a truck that initially took them out and what he was firing the Boys/Boyes rifle at.
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    Thanks for those pictures much appreciated.
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    Suggit’s sons have had a further look for anything that could add to detail about the action on 18 May 1940. A local newspaper feature in 1958 bore a precis of the same account, lamenting that the carrier carried only 1000 rounds for the bren gun and that they had not been issued with any hand grenades.

    A copy of a letter (April 1970) sent to Monkey Blacker (see offering of 31 October 2020) had been found and begins: “Dear General Blacker, Your letter was indeed a pleasant surprise and indeed the only contact I have had with the ‘SKINS’ since 1944, when Major Gibson wrote, apart from hearing from the Regimental Association in 1946 .......... You mentioned the possibility of ‘calling in’........ Whether or not this happens, I shall take you at your word regarding the chat, one of these days.”

    Blacker at that time was GOC HQ Northern Command in York. His starting letter is still being looked for and similarly his response. It is known that they did meet again and possibly more than once:


    this being taken at civic event in Hedon. Seemingly, the General had just quietly remarked words to the effect of: interesting chap, that photographer ..... I asked him what he got up to during the War and he told me he was in the Luftwaffe, had helped come up with the cannon fit for the Me 262 before ending up an armourer with 7 Parachute Regiment ........

    Former PoW Ted Winkler (born Hamburg, naturalised British citizen for nearly 70 years and respected Hedon resident) died in November 2020, a fortnight shy of his 100th birthday.

    But we can only regret that there is not a record of the said ‘chat’.
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