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  1. Terry Robbins

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    Hi everyone , am researching my Grandfathers time in the 5th Recce , he was originally serving with the 1st Battalion the Green Howards then transferred to the 5th Recce on 22/1/41 at the age of 34, but all of my research points to the 5th being made up of the Tower Hamlets Rifles , so how did my Grandfather end up with the 5th Recce ? Will attempt to post photos and service record , any help would be appreciated .
  2. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    1 Green Howards were in the same division, I suspect either he or more likely the army decided he had qualities needed in another unit.
  3. Terry Robbins

    Terry Robbins Active Member

    Thanks Owen, he had served with the Green Howards originally from 1926 until 1931 , then remobilized in 39 and served with the BEF then on to Norway , so he was an experienced soldier , maybe that's why .
  4. minden1759

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    One was able to volunteer to join the new Div Recce Regts that were formed. If you were selected, one was simply transferred.

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    Welcome to the forum. Great to have another Recce on board.

    ​5th Reconnaissance Regt

    The Reconnaissance Regiment for the 5th Infantry Division from its formation to subsequent disbandment.

    February 1941: Formed from 3rd Battalion Tower Hamlet Rifles (London Rifle Brigade).
    3rd February 1941 – Renamed 5th Reconnaissance Battalion
    6th June 1942 – Renamed 5th Reconnaissance Regiment
    1st January 1944 – Renamed 5th Reconnaissance Regiment RAC
    31st August 1945: Disbanded

    From Wheeled Odyssey: the story of the Fifth Reconnaissance Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps. A.R. Prince (ed.) 68 p.


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  6. Terry Robbins

    Terry Robbins Active Member

  7. Terry Robbins

    Terry Robbins Active Member

    Thanks very much , will attempt to post photos 20151214_205134.jpg
  8. Terry Robbins

    Terry Robbins Active Member

    Well that didn't go as planned , will try another one , 20151214_204540.jpg
  9. Terry Robbins

    Terry Robbins Active Member

    Any suggestions would be appreciated ?
  10. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    5th Reconnaissance Regiment RAC did continue until Feb 46

    Jun 45 from Divisional Troops to 13th Infantry Brigade of 5th Infantry Division
    Oct 45 to 8th Armoured Brigade command 30th Corps District
    25 Jan 46 – disbandment order received

    Source 30th Corps District Historical Records
  11. Terry Robbins

    Terry Robbins Active Member

    Thanks for all the info , am learning lots already from U all,here's my Grandfather's service records 20151221_175637.jpg
  12. 4jonboy

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    Hello and a belated welcome to the forum. My father was in 56 Recce and it's lovely to have another Recce here.

    The records you have posted up are just a general summary-these were typical of the records typed up years ago by the MOD. I suggest you re-apply for the FULL records which give far more information on your grandfather's movements. They are only available from Glasgow and cost 30 pounds but are really worth the expense. Link here

    Take a look at my father's service records and you will see how detailed they are.

  13. Terry Robbins

    Terry Robbins Active Member

    Thanks very much Lesley will get onto that as soon as the holidays are over , just so U know I lived three doors down from my Grandfather , so was very close to him , but his military life was a mystery as he never spoke of it , he past away when I was 19 , he was 70 , it was my Mother that sent of for his Service records in 1996 , it was oñly years later when she showed me that I noticed from photos the different cap badges and started my research .
  14. Terry Robbins

    Terry Robbins Active Member

    Morning everyone , just a quick query , when I first joined the forum a member ( Recce _Mitch ) posted some pages from a book ( Wheeled Odyssey : the story of the 5th Reconnaissance Regiment , Royal Armoured Corps ) have been trying to track down a copy ever since with no luck , can anyone help? Ps thanks Recce _mitch for your post it was most helpful. Terry
  15. Recce_Mitch

    Recce_Mitch Very Senior Member

    It is a book that is hard to find. i can send you a digital copy of the book that I have scanned. If interested please PM me your e-mail and I will send you tthe link.

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  16. Fizzymagic

    Fizzymagic Junior Member

    Hi Mitch, I would also very much like a digital copy of Wheeled Odyssey. Any chance you could send me the link? Thank you.
  17. Recce_Mitch

    Recce_Mitch Very Senior Member

    Please PM me your e-mail

  18. Anne O'Sullivan

    Anne O'Sullivan New Member

    Hello, I too would love a digital copy of Wheeled Odyssey!
    I am researching my great uncle Bill (William O'Sullivan) in the second world war and found out from his letters that he was in the 5th recce regiment from the Tower Hamlets Rifle Brigade. Of course the letters have very little details but there's mention of Bethlehem and Brussels Germany and i have a few Christmas cards including one from Italy.
    I have applied for his records but covid is holding the whole thing up.
    Would love to know more about the regiments travels. Thanks to anyone who can offer assistance. I have attached his photo.
    He survived to be 73. Returned to UK to work as a gardener for the BBC.

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  19. Recce_Mitch

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    Welcome to the forum. Please PM me your e-mail

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  20. minden1759

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    5 Infantry Division, whom 5 Recce Regt supported, were known as the Globetrotters because they went everywhere. It was very unusual to have a Division serve in both Italy and NW Europe but 5 Infantry Division did.

    My interest in them is during their time in Italy. 5 Infantry Division landed in Italy on 3 Sep 43 at Reggio di Calabria. They then worked their way up Italy and were part of the crossing of the mighty River Garigliano on 17 Jan 44. Anzio went wrong at the end of Jan 44 so they were sent their to prop up a collapsing beachhead. The Division endured horrors at Anzio in an area called the wadis.

    If you ever want to see what your great uncle got up to in Italy, do get in touch. Once Covid has been dealt with, I will resume my four day battlefield study that specifically looks at the crossing of the Garigliano and Anzio.


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