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    Hello. I am an army veteran in search of information regarding my grandfather who served during WW2. I have managed to find a little info on the forces war records website and after looking at this site, im sure there will be more relating to him or his unit. His name is 4073609 war substantive Corporal J Prout. Originally KSLI, records show he was part of 5 Regt in Sicily. He is on casualty list no: 1213 and was declared missing on 16/08/1943. Date located was 10/09/1943. The date of the initial action was 08/07/1943. I also have a very clear photograph of him should anyone wish to see it.

    I have some, if not all of his medals which i am looking to getting lovingly restored so they can be displayed properly and worn by my children on Remembrance Sunday. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Fantastic site by the way.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    I would edit your title to reflect that grandfather was 5th Reconnaissance Regiment (5th Recce) There are several members who are very knowledgeable on Recce Regiments and their actions.
    Please post your photograph
    Good luck with your research
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    Fab. Ill do that now.
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  5. Jim Prout

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    Do you know if im able to ask for his army record or does it have to be my dad. I believe that if he requests them, he will get more information than me as he is a direct relative.
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    Hi Jim welcome to the forum, great to have another Recce on board.

    5th Reconnaissance Regiment [1941-1946]

    The Reconnaissance Regiment for the 5th Infantry Division from its formation to subsequent disbandment.

    5th Reconnaissance Regiment was formed in 1941 from 3rd Battalion The Tower Hamlets Rifles, The Rifle Brigade, which had been raised in 1940. Sailed for India in March 1942. The regiment served in Persia and Syria before joining the 8th Army for the invasion of Sicily in July 1943 where it experienced heavy fighting before deploying to Italy becoming the first unit of the Corps into Italy to serve with the 5th and 8th Armies, including Anzio. Left Italy in June 1944 and then came up from the south of France.
    Withdrawn to North West Europe for the final phases of the war. Taking part in the last drive into Germany after the Rhine crossing.

    5th Recce maintained rifles' distinctions, such as black buttons.

    February 1941: Formed from 3rd Battalion Tower Hamlet Rifles (London Rifle Brigade).

    3rd February 1941 – Renamed 5th Reconnaissance Battalion

    6th June 1942 – Renamed 5th Reconnaissance Regiment

    1st January 1944 – Renamed 5th Reconnaissance Regiment RAC

    31st August 1945: Disbanded

    Commanding Officers

    Lt-CoI. N. R. Blockley, O.B.E., [Rifle Brigade]

    Lt-CoI. M. F. Douglas-Pennant, D.S.O., M.B.E. [King's Royal Rifle Corps]


    United Kingdom: 1.2.41 - 16.3.42
    At Sea: 17.3.42 - 20.5.42 HMT Almanzora.
    India: 21.5.42 - 20.8.42
    At Sea: 20.8.42 - 28.8.42 HMT Rohna
    Iraq: 28.8.42 - 28.9.42
    Persia: 28.9.42 - 31.1.43
    Syria: 13.2.42 - 11.6.43 (1)
    Egypt: 13.6.43 - 28.6.43 (2)
    At Sea: 29.6.43 - 10.7.43
    Sicily: 10.7.43 - 3.9.43
    Italy: 3.9.43 - 3.7.44
    At Sea: 3.7.44 - 9.7.44
    Egypt: 9.7.44 - 13.7.44
    Palestine: 14.7.44 - 8.2.45
    At Sea: 9.2.45 - 15.2.45
    Italy: 15.2.45 - 27.2.45
    At Sea: 27.2.45 - 2.3.45
    NW Europe: 2.3.45 - 31.8.45

    (1) In transit from Persia 1.2.43 - 12.2.43
    (2) In transit 11.6.43 - 13.6.43



    9 July - 12 July: Landing in Sicily
    19 November - 3 December: The Sangro


    17 January - 31 January: Garigliano Crossing
    22 January - 22 May: Anzio
    22 May - 4 June: Rome

    Further Reading

    Wheeled odyssey : the story of the Fifth Reconnaissance Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps

    A.R. Prince (ed.) 68 p.

    If you PM me your email I can send you a digital copy of the above book.

  7. Jim Prout

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    This information ties in with records that state he was injured in Sicily in August 1943. Ill p.m u my email.


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    Jim, the recommendation is that email addresses should NOT be posted, perhaps you should edit it out. When Paul said 'PM your email' this was old terminology - go to your profile page and start a 'conversation' with him.

    Anyway, having said that, welcome. If you haven't yet come across then the Reconnaissance Journals may be of interest:
    Reconnaissance Journal

    Good luck
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    You should come out to Italy in the battlefield study that I am running 4-7 May 17. It is looking at the lower Garigliano and then moving up to Anzio.

    5 Recce Regt and the whole of 5 BR Inf Div were on the lower Garigliano for the 17 Jan 44 assault across the river on to the ridges beyond. Given the width of the river and size of the ridges beyond, the achievement was quite something.

    Anzio then started on 22 Jan 44 and went pear shaped so 5 BR Inf Div was withdrawn from the Garigliano and pushed into Anzio where it ended up in the wadis - pretty grim too.


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  10. Richard Akehurst

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    Hi there

    Been doing my family history and found out I lost more relatives than I care to see, but one served in the 5th and died in Anzio.
    Cpl John Connor 37860 Recce Corps 3rd Batt Tower Hamletts Rifles. KIA 19th May 1944
    Pointers on anything or pdf on history would be great if anyone can help.

    Thanks in advance Rich
  11. Tony56

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    Welcome Richard


    Casualty list No. 1463 Dated 3 June 1944
    Italy, Killed in action
    37860 CONNOR Cpl J - 5 Regt Recce Corps - Date of casualty 19.5.1944

    Your best way forward to get the complete picture of his time is to get his service records:
    Get a copy of military service records

    You will find some information in the Reconnaissance Journals:
    Reconnaissance Journal

    Good luck
  12. Tricky Dicky

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    UK, Army Roll of Honour, 1939-1945
    Name: John Connor
    Given Initials: J
    Rank: Corporal
    Death Date: 19 May 1944
    Number: 37860
    Residence: Southport
    Regiment at Enlistment: Border Regiment
    Branch at Enlistment: Royal Armoured Corps

    Theatre of War: Italy
    Regiment at Death: Tower Hamlets Rifles (Recce) RAC
    Branch at Death: Royal Armoured Corps


    Was his middle name Albert - and was he born in 1910 ??
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  14. minden1759

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    I am out in Anzio in Mar 19 guiding a military group.

    If you would like a photo of Cpl Connor's headstone, please say and I will get you one.

    I am running a study for civilians on 13-16 Jun 19 to Anzio if you would like to see exactly what he endured. He was killed just before the breakout started on 23 May 44.


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  16. Jim Prout

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    Thank you so much, ive just received an email from Glasgow apologising for the delay in copying his records for me as theres bit of a backlog. Im intrigued as to where he was when he went missing.

  17. Simontrigg

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    Hi Jim, my Grandad Eric William Trigg was also in the 5th Recce and part of the Sicily Campaign as well as Italy Monte Cassino. Our Grandad Father's more than likely fought along side with one another. Eric fortunately saw out the end of the war in Germany, fighting alongside the Americans until peace was declared. He never spoke of his service during WW2 and none would he ever show me his medals when I was a kid. On his passing he left them all to me, a remarkable individual who's legacy I will continue to pass down to my future family generations.

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