5th Reconnaissance Corps. Lance Corporal William Eric Trigg - 6919501

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    20190518_095734.jpg 20190518_095647.jpg 20190518_112939.jpg Screenshot_20190518-094610_Samsung Internet.jpg 20190518_113140.jpg My Grandfather served in the 5th Reconnaissance Corps. Lance Corporal William Eric Trigg - 6919501. A very private and proud man who never spoke of his time during WW2, and would never show me his medals when I was a child. However when he passed away, he left me all of his medals and items relating to the Recce. He was awarded the Military Medal whilst in Scilly 1943 for putting his own life at risk to save others. A very brave and courageous man as were all that did their service for king and queen.

    Would appreciate any further info if anyone has some. I've attached a picture of William with his Military Medal & letter from Buckingham Palace as well a other information found on the net.

    Simon Trigg
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    Simon, scanned in what should be a better copy:
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    Thanks Tony, I really appreciate what you have done.
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    The photo show him wearing the 'Y' of 5 British Infantry Division. They were known as 'The Globetrotters'.

    They fought on the Garigliano in mid-Jan 44 before being moved up to support VI (US) Corps at Anzio when the landings went pear shaped.

    Here they stayed until joining in the breakout on 23 May 44.


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    Simon welcome to the forum, great to have another Recce on board

    Trigg LCpl.  MM [1].JPG

    A better copy of his citation

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    Okay so I've put a few more pictures together to document my Grandads time with the 5th Recce - Lance Corporal William Eric Trigg - 6919501 20190518_142842.jpg 20190518_142014.jpg 20190518_142111.jpg 20190518_141247.jpg 20190518_143029.jpg 20190518_143230.jpg 20190518_143238.jpg 20190518_143247.jpg 20190518_143252.jpg 20190518_143300.jpg 20190518_143304.jpg 20190518_143307.jpg 20190518_143310.jpg 20190518_143321.jpg
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    Thanks Frank. I've just uploaded a few more pics of interest.

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    20190518_143018.jpg William is the young lad front row in the middle. This was the start of his adventures in the army.

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