5th Recce Regt SGT 4390002 WALTON R.E.

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    Hi all new to forum so please bear with me. I am attempting to trace any info of my Grandad and his unit 5 Recce. Unfortunatley he died in 1978 when i was young and never got to speak with him much about his service. All that remains are these two photos and a record of service. He is the small Sgt at the front of the group photo and the guy on the right in the other. I presume the other guys are 5 Recce however the bloke in shorts appears to have a Welsh Guards??? cap badge.
    The guy in the second photo is wearing insignia of 78 Inf Division (Battleaxe) and appears to have a Buffs shoulder flash. any advice greatly appreciated. As you can see from his service record he started out in the Green Howards and then joined Recce in 1941. This i also find strange as he was born/bred in London and the Howards were a Northern Regt. Hopefully this will assist anyone looking for similar info or at least get a good disscussion going.

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    Hello and welcome. Lovely photos.

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    Hi Jon and welcome to the forum...Some excellent pics you have there !

    I've replied to your PM.

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    Welcome to the forum

    5th Reconnaissance Regiment

    February 1941: Formed from 3rd Battalion Tower Hamlet Rifles (London Rifle Brigade).
    3rd February 1941 – Renamed 5th Reconnaissance Battalion
    6th June 1942 – Renamed 5th Reconnaissance Regiment
    1st January 1944 – Renamed 5th Reconnaissance Regiment RAC
    31st August 1945: Disbanded
    Commanding Officers
    Lt-CoI. N. R. Blockley, O.B.E., of the RB
    Lt-CoI. M. F. Douglas-Pennant, D.S.O., M.B.E. [King's Royal Rifle Corps]

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Post-War photos as they all have medal ribbons up, the Buffs chap has his overseas service chevrons on his lower right arm & they are wearing battledress with open collar & ties.
    Lovely pics.
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    Hi love the photos , my Grandfather ( 4385412 trooper PERCY CHARLES BARNES ) served with the Green Howards and was from Croydon , he was transferred to the 5th Recce on the same day as your Grandfather ( did they know each other ??? )
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    Have found photo ( NA15399 ) in the iwm archive , it looks suspiciously like your Grandfather , have tried to download with out success , sorry , just go on there website. Terry
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    Thanks very much owen , I'm using a smart phone and it's not brilliant at this stuff , am in the process of trying to purchasing a photo of 2nd squad 5th Recce from iwm as it can't be viewed online ( NA 14095 ) ? The picture NA15399 is the link up of British and American troops at Borgo Grappa on 25th May 1944 , am pritty sure the Two in the middle and the one on the left are Recce ?

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