5th Division, 13th Brigade - Malaria in Madagascar and Sicily

Discussion in 'Higher Formations' started by chick42-46, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. chick42-46

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    Just noticed this thread has reawakened. Never got round to transcribing these bits of the war diary but will have a go when I get some time. Very busy at the moment with work (inc. evenings and weekends from now until end June with llittle prospect of respite). Patience will be needed I'm afraid but I will get there eventually!
  2. lloydy

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    Hi again, i was wondering if you have started to try and read the items yet
    I have found some more tiny details but mainly to do with the original burial in mumbai and then reburied in Pune
  3. chick42-46

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    Hi lloydy and sorry for the lack of reply - just catching up with things after months and months of being too busy. Unfortunately, that means I have't had a chance to do any more research and my files and other bits and bobs are in the attic in the moment due to some re-jigging of rooms. Basically, teeange son needs his own bedroom and my "study" has been sacrified. I'm promised a shed in its place but until I get that organised, the paperwork's likely to stay in the attic. but I will get round to this eventually.



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