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    I am seeking the establishment of the 5th Northants during their withdrawal to Dunkirk in particular whether they had a Carrier Platoon.
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    According to Niehorster's comprehensive site 5 Northants were part of 11th Infantry Brigade which was in 4th Infantry Division; i.e. a regularly equipped Infantry Division of the BEF.
    Infantry Division, May 1940

    According to the notes in green at the bottom of the linked page only units of the 3 so-called "digging divisions" (12th, 23rd and 46th Infantry Divisions) did NOT have a carrier platoon, so I would say that 5 Northants did have one present with the Battalion in France in 1940.

    You can find the establishment of a 1940 British infantry battalion here:
    Infantry Battalion, Infantry Division, May 1940

    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks for your input. I know that 5th Northants went to France with 48th Division but at some stage changed Division as did several TA Units. However when this occurred is unclear so I accept your referenced response.
    The reason for my query is that a relative was treated by 143 Field Ambulance (part of 48th Div) in January 1940 but the next entry on his Service Record is "Missing" followed by "repatriated".

    We know that he came home courtesy of a French Trawler who picked him out of the sea having been on a hospital ship that was sunk by bombers.
    We have often wondered why he was on the hospital ship as we are not aware that he was wounded.
    He simply walked into his home at midnight some time after Dunkirk.
    He later went to India with the 1st Northants where his record dates match that of the formation of their Carrier Platoon.
    This raised questions as to whether he was a stretcher bearer having taken casualties on board the hospital ship and was engaged on carriers to help evacuate casualties.

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