5th Bn Northamptonshire Regt April 1943

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    I am researching an officer of the 5th Bn - 108194 Capt A H Wilkinson who was killed in April 1943. Does anybody have a copy of the war diary as I would like to know if he is mentioned in the text as to what happened to him?
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    From the Regimental History :-

    Afbeelding (210).jpg

    Apologies for the poor scan. It's a thick book and slightly fragile.
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    Grim period and Tanngoucha/Pt 622 and Ang were eventually captured at the end of Easter weekend later in the month, which effectively outflanked Longstop.... I've got a 1943 picture of Tanngoucha somewhere and will fish it out...I walked up to Heidous and on the way looked up at Tanngoucha in April 2012... Heidous wasn't actually as hideous as my father and his mates described it in April 1943.. a very friendly place to visit.

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    My father was to recall entering Heidous:

    “At 545pm, an enormous barrage, which was the most concentrated I had experienced, was laid down on the targets. F Company and G Company made their way down the rocky rear slope of Bettiour. F Company formed up around the outskirts of Heidous and advanced towards the village under murderous machine gun and sniper fire. The forward platoons were held up and the reserve platoon under Sergeant Norman attacked from the right. There was utter confusion. E Company was ordered to support F. Meanwhile, G Company had experienced a setback and their commander was wounded. They had gained their objective but retired at dawn as they had received no support.”
    “The remnants of F Company laid low until dawn and then withdrew. E Company returned to Bettiour. The Faughs and Skins had with difficulty and great bravery attained their objectives. The following night, E Company scrambled down from Bettiour and I followed immediately with my mules. It was eerie making our way by the light of the fires still burning in Heidous. As we entered it, all was silent and we passed lines of three or four dead London Irishmen led by an NCO with their weapons in front of them. I saw a sergeant leaning back against the wall of a hut. I did not recognise him. He had no head. We had taken Heidous, home to the villagers who had scratched a living from the bare soil. Tanngoucha and Le Kefs had also all been taken. Longstop Hill, which commanded the road from Medjez el-Bab to Tebourba was captured after a hard fight.”
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    Thanks Guys, much appreciated, Rick

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