59th (Essex Regiment) HAA RA TA ("A Brief History")

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    This history was written & compiled by A.S.Cross for the "Eagle & Gun Regimental Association" based upon notes provided by several members. (I apologise for not seeking permission to reproduce this document from the authors family, but I have no way of doing this, and I am acting in good faith).

    The Eagle and Gun Regimental Association (formerly the 7/59th The Essex Regiment Old Comrades Association, and incorporating the 6th Battalion, The Essex Regiment Q.C.A.) held annual meetings at a Cadets Training Centre in Whipps Cross, London.

    My dad (Alec Stanley Davis) was transferred to 164 Battery (Troop "B") of the 59th (the Essex Regiment) HAA Regiment RA TA in January 1940.

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